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Hans and Cookies

I can’t find anything interesting going on. But I thought this first one might make some of you feel better (if you’re mean-spirited, like me): Telegraph – Spy Blix on song Dr Hans Blix has a more serious day job than most. The former UN weapons inspector infuriated Britain and America before the Iraq invasion […]

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We Were So Busy Double-Checking Everything the Bush Administration Said We Didn't Have the Resources to Double-Check What the Man In the Black Knit Cap Pulled Over His Face Was Telling Us

Flopping Aces (the mirror site) – Getting The News From The Enemy, Update Getting to the heart of the matter (and skipping tons so if it makes no sense, uh, sorry): This one is from April 27th of this year, the very first mention of ["police captain" Jamil Hussein] in any newspaper story I can […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXXIX

Unless your coworkers can see the subtitles or at a distance understand muffled Aussie-accented swearing, SFW.

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What's "Um" in Welsh?

The Telegraph – A good kicking If the Welsh Rugby Union thought that preventing the New Zealand players from performing their haka at Saturday’s international would put the visitors off their game, it was deluded. The final score of 45-10 in the visitors’ favour was no surprise, and the indignity of having to conduct their […]

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Testing Skills

The Times – Constantinople Revisited<br/> A papal visit to Turkey will be a test of diplomatic skills Uh huh. Well, seeing as how there are vastly more Catholics and sympathetic protestant Christians in the world than there are Muslims, and seeing as how the uniting of the pope and the Turkish people in one place […]

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Good Gracious, When Did the IAEA Merge With Sky?

FOXnews – Sky News reports radioactive traces at new locations; 3 people tested after showing same symptoms as dead spy And when can we send them to Iran?

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They Say Algore Was in Town Recently

It started dumping snow here at about two. You can’t tell, but it’s still goin’. It rarely snows here in winter. Winter’s still a month off. Update (11.27): Now the roof is dripping. It’s driving me nuts. And today and tomorrow the lows are going to be 24 and 21° respectively, with highs of 36 […]

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Still Spotting Idiots

So, first there was/is the almighty cock-up in Britain, now this: WaTi – Canada arrests ‘illegal’ spy from Russian intelligence Canada’s security service recently arrested a deep-cover Russian intelligence officer posing as a Canadian citizen in what officials say is a rare capture of an “illegal” spy. Court papers identified the man as Paul William […]

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An Electrified Faithless Post-Christian Britain

The Sunday Times – Champion of Christianity, the man who should be No1<br/> PROFILE John Sentamu The murmurs of disquiet have been growing in insistence for weeks, but now they have burst into the open. A clamour of voices is calling for a new leader of the Church of England who will stand up against […]

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Well Done, Nine Years of Labour

Telegraph – England wants its independence The United Kingdom should be broken up and Scotland and England set free as independent nations, according to a huge number of voters on both sides of the border. A clear majority of people in both England and Scotland are in favour of full independence for Scotland, an ICM […]

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Meat Liberated II

As far as I can tell, this is the same story and there haven’t been any developments, so probably just a more in-depth report that took that much longer to file. But the topic deserves an update. The Sunday Times – The law that lets women be raped changes… a little ONE by one and […]

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France is for the French, So Find a Joooo

A tale of logic: CDR Salamander – Israel. Paris. Soccer hooligans. Black policeman. Gun. Stir. No word on how many of them lost their cars to mysterious night-borne fires in the past 12 months or so. Meanwhile, the Dutch are having an election? Who knew!

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Hey Venezuela!

VCrisis – Venezuela: hundreds of thousands march to support Rosales That’s a lot of people (click for picture). If it weren’t for my joint compounding — and now priming! — I’d have linked to this, this morning (and then I could have been ahead of the story! Augh!): Wheat & Weeds – Fighting Words The […]

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Now For the Iranian Whores

Curtsies to Brett McS for sending me this: Asia Times – Jihadis and whores Wars are won by destroying the enemy’s will to fight. A nation is never really beaten until it sells its women. The French sold their women to the German occupiers in 1940, and the Germans and Japanese sold their women to […]

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If the Cyanide Bullets and Cyanide Spray Taste Funny, Too

The Times – If your coffee tastes funny, you’re a target, by Graham Stewart I think that’s the sort of thing James Taranto would file under “News You Can Use”. Nikolai Khokhlov was given the job of executing a “wet affair” (in Soviet spooks’ parlance) on Georgi Sergeivich Okolovich, one of the NTS [a labour […]

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