AP – Researchers: Baking impacts Puget Sound

Researchers at the University of Washington say all that holiday baking and eating has an environmental impact — Puget Sound is being flavored by cinnamon and vanilla. “Even something as fun as baking for the holiday season has an environmental effect,” said Rick Keil, an associate professor of chemical oceanography. “When we bake and change the way we eat, it has an impact on what the environment sees. To me it shows the connectedness.”

As environmental catastrophes go, I think this one I can live with (who knows, maybe the geoducks will taste better (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, seriously, click on that link)).

Curtsies to Brett McS for sending this to me this morning. As I explained to him, there was very little baking going on here, and not an ounce of cinnamon was used. Or vanilla.