It’s the customary picture for ringing in the new year:


No book list tonight. I fear my book book has been put into a box somewhere. When I retrieve it or unpack it, whichever comes first, I’ll do it then. Maybe. If I don’t feel silly doing it late. In the meantime, Phib’s doing his.

2006 has been kinda eh for me. 2005 opened horridly but ended up pretty good, 2006 opened really well but ended up (although I did make it to Canada once and I did see one of my best friends married) kind of a dud. At the beginning I was convinced I was going places, towards the middle I knew I wasn’t going there right away but was still quietly assured that it would happen sometime, by the summer all my hopes had fizzled and in the fall we had a new condo to remodel. I’m not stupid enough to list my predictions for 2007, but from where I’m sitting I don’t think it’s going to go well, and I don’t even think that it’ll go so horridly that it’ll be a turning point, I just think it’s going to generally, grindingly, ridiculously suck. But who knows, maybe that means it’ll be great, the bad guys will lose, the good guys will live happily ever after, and all the idiots will die off.

But enough about me. Tomorrow’s another year! Thanks for being with me in the last one, and I hope to see you all back in the next.