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A Little Knowledge Can be a Dangerous Thing

These are the people we’re dealing with. Tim Blair – ADVANCES SHUNNED Research-minded lefty Rex Ringschott states quite categorically: A 40-year-old VW Beetle produces far fewer pollutants per kilometre than a modern Ferrari. Rex—I’m guessing he isn’t a car guy, or a guy who pays much attention to legislative and technical change—bases his finding on […]

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Worst PR Firm Ever

LGF – State Dept Document Admits Arafat Ordered Killings of US Diplomats The State Department has declassified a document that finally admits Yasser Arafat personally ordered the killings of Cleo Noel, the American ambassador to the Sudan, his deputy, George Moore, and a Belgian diplomat, Guy Eid, during a 1973 terrorist takeover of the Saudi […]

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Schoolhouse Rock is LAME

This is hilarious. A bit too weird to be the funniest item, though. And, well, it’s educational, isn’t it. (SFW; in Japanese but well-subtitled in kana, romaji, and English. The beginning’s a little, well, weird, but get past that and the music starts.) (Mini Moni is from Morning Musume, the source of many diverting YouTube […]

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It's Amazing, the Things You Learn, When the Obituaries are Written

I’m quoting myself, but this, too, it fascinating. Times Online – Obituary: Gerald Ford<br/> July 14, 1913 – December 26, 2006<br/> The 38th US President played key role in picking up the pieces in the wake Watergate First of all, I didn’t notice a lot of mention of Keynesian economics in the American obits (hey, […]

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Peter Recommends CLXXXVI

“Who knew we had combat artists?” Who knew indeed. He gets another one today cuz this is so cool. Sketchpad Warrior Kristopher Battles<br/> I am a landscape and portrait painter of the Classical Realist school, inspired by the masters of art history as I paint the world around me. I am one of three combat […]

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Peter Recommends CLXXXV

As chestnuts go, it’s an old one, but always a laugh: Divert Your Course This is the actual radio conversation of a US naval ship with Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October, 1995. Radio conversation released by the chief of naval operations, 10-10-95.

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2006 in Cheerful Review

The Times – A new year’s resolution for the chattering classes, by Dean Godson (research director of the Policy Exchange think-tank)<br/> We shouldn’t fall for pessimistic propaganda on Iraq That conventional wisdom holds that Tony Blair and George Bush made the world a much more dangerous place by invading Iraq. That we’re losing badly in […]

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Sure Thing, Bucko

Times Online – Saddam: ‘Make me a martyr’ [cough] Times Online – Saddam ready for ‘sacrifice’ as Baathists vow revenge “I sacrifice myself. If God wills it, he will place me among the true men and martyrs,” he wrote. “O faithful people, I bid you farewell as my soul goes to God the compassionate…Long live […]

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Ethiopia Kicking Ass

This is fun. And we don’t have to deal with any of the crap had we been doing it. And you know if they lose a helicopter they’re not going to freak out and have to redeploy for national crisis counseling. Telegraph – Islamists flee Ethiopian onslaught in Somalia Ethiopian troops routed Islamist forces in […]

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Gerald Ford Died

Aww… FOXnews – Former U.S. President Gerald Ford Dies at 93 Best blog announcement goes to Bubblehead. That’s a cool picture. Plus, it always tears me up when he uses that line. I always liked him, but for personal reasons having to do with him always being there the whole time I’ve been alive, so […]

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MSM Leaps to Support the War

LGF – Grim Milestone Watch Mainstream media is full of stories this morning trumpeting the “grim milestone:” U.S. Troop Deaths In Iraq Exceed 9/11 Toll, 6 More GI Deaths Put Military Past Grim Milestone As 36 Iraqis Die In Other Attacks. The Sept. 11, 2001, attacks claimed 2,973 victims in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. […]

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And on the Twelfth Day of Christmas…

Times Online – Saddam to hang within 30 days (The FOXnews headline: “Saddam’s Noose Tightens“, which I took to be another article on the legal process, so I skipped right over it. Went to the Times website and “Woah, really?” Why do they have to be cute? Why can’t they just write the bloody news […]

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Happy Christmas Dinners!

Christmas Eve dinner: And Christmas dinner: …is in the oven. St Stephen’s Day Update: Okay, American food just doesn’t photograph well. Even the most superior piece of beef just looks like a lump of brown sitting on a platter. (Unless I was going to slice it open and watch it cool as I arrange it […]

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The Stories I'm Ignoring Because It's Christmas Eve

John Kerry writes an op-ed column. The Sunday Times – Bush ponders £10bn New Deal to create jobs in Iraq The Observer – Channel tunnel is terror target The Sunday Times – UN imposes nuclear sanctions on angry Iran FOXnews – Ehud Olmert Makes Goodwill Moves After Meeting With Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Reuters […]

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And You Didn't Even Have to Queue in the Chapel Common for 32 Hours

For those of us who can’t make it, and don’t get up in time for a live broadcast at 1500 GST, here it is: Radio 4 – Festival of 9 Lessons and Carols<br/> Live from the Chapel of King’s College, Cambridge, the traditional service that for many people all over the world marks the beginning […]

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