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Peter Recommends CLXXXVIII

I think he’s got it bad, folks. Firebox – Doctor Who Tardis 4-Way USB Hub Update: Gellibaff (requires audio. really it does.)? The Brits have invented cornstarch baths, apparently. Even spelled it “baff” for ease of pronunciation for the only people who’ll think it’s a good idea. Update (2.1): “It’s a series“ Wesco Gifts & […]

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Diode Spelled Right

In my defense, you should see this guy’s handwriting. It’s — or was — a glomus tumor. Glomus tumors are relatively uncommon benign neoplasms that differentiate to become modified smooth muscle cells called glomus cells. And The exact incidence of glomus tumors is unknown. And Patients with solitary glomus tumors usually have paroxysmal pain, which […]

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Warning Labels Getting More Entertaining

California always sets the bar for safety, environmental cleanliness, public health, etc. So we always like to laugh when labels say things like “This product has been shown to cause cancer in California,” etc. You know what they mean, but the phrasing just kills you. Reuters – California may ban conventional lightbulbs by 2012 So […]

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The UN Said They'd Tackle Child Rape and Sexual Abuse In Their Peacekeeping Forces and By Gum They Did!

BBC – Liberia gets all-female peacekeeping force Lucky Liberia.

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If You're Ever Feeling Unnaturally Optimistic About the World

You should go to Telegraph Blogs and peruse Con Coughlin’s (“on the world at war”) (but don’t let anyone think you’re calling it a world war!). It doesn’t update frequently, but just enough to make you feel comfortably as though the whole globe’s in the shiznits. Telegraph Blogs – The world at war So, Tony […]

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That the Internet Cafe Was Called "Blade" Wasn't a Tip-Off at All I'm Sure

It’s easy for the police these days. Just gotta drive up and down high streets checking signs to see which internet cafes to bug to look for Islamist wanna-be terrorists plotting to cut heads off of their enemies. “Netplay… NetAdventure… Blade… There, that one.” Times Online – British Muslim soldier ‘was target of terror plot’ […]

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I’m just a one-handed moving machine. I just cleared, then cleaned and vacuumed 1001 square feet, including two bathrooms. And a day early. Now I’m going to eat some dinner and take some drugs. Woot.

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Vivating Regina

Something I like to do when I’ve run out of things to do on the internet is flip through this site at leisure, which I did the other night, one-handed, after my operation. This post I especially liked, since it hits all my buttons, but also because I have that picture on my wall (or […]

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Uranium Mines and University

Telegraph – Notebook By Cristina Odone Middle-class children will learn to lie The anti-bourgeois, down-with-privilege bias that was a hallmark of the Soviet regime is well on the march in British academia. We are not yet at the stage where a middle-class background condemns youngsters to a life in the uranium mines. But the principle […]

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Compromised Diversity

Telegraph – Diversity will never unite us. By Zia Haider Rahman An important and timely study published by the Policy Exchange think tank yesterday finds that young British Muslims are much more likely to be drawn to radical Islam than their parents. Thirty-seven per cent of 16- to 24-year-olds would prefer to live under Sharia […]

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Religious Guilt

You’d think the Catholics would have it pretty firmly nailed down but no, gotta hand it to ancestor worship: BBC – China warns on Olympics morality Chinese authorities have warned government and Olympic officials not to indulge in corrupt or immoral behaviour during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Officials will be monitored to ensure they are […]

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In Which We Glimpse Cat Hell

HalfEmpty just sent me this. Oh lawdy: BBC – Police play game of cat and mouse Police officers were called to rescue a cat which got her head stuck in a jam jar trying to catch a mouse. A motorist found the tabby wandering beside a road in Peterborough, Cambs, with the jar on her […]

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What's "Um" in Prison Slang?

The Times – My solution to the crisis in our prisons, by Harry Woolf<br/> The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, 2000-2005, hands down a verdict on a system facing meltdown What, then, can now be done? Any action has to involve reducing the lack of balance between the numbers in custody and the […]

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Seattle in the News! II!

WaPo – Suicide jumps off city bridge upset witnesses A bridge in Seattle is becoming hazardous to the mental health of the dot-com employees and other office workers below, who keep seeing people jump to their deaths from the span. Thirty-nine people during the past decade have committed suicide off the 155-foot-high Aurora Bridge — […]

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Democrats Achieve Dialogue With Iran

Hell, if that’s what they meant, we could’ve done that years ago. I thought they meant something, you know, constructive. Power Line – Nice Going, John LGF – John F. Kerry: Big in Tehran Kerry and Nancy Pelosi are mentioned.

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