You should go to Telegraph Blogs and peruse Con Coughlin’s (“on the world at war”) (but don’t let anyone think you’re calling it a world war!). It doesn’t update frequently, but just enough to make you feel comfortably as though the whole globe’s in the shiznits.

Telegraph Blogs – The world at war

So, Tony Blair wants to have a dialogue with Iran and Syria, and it is not difficult to understand the reasons why.

Telegraph Blogs – Lebanon must free itself of Hizbollah

Pity the people of Lebanon. During the 1980s, when I was the Daily Telegraph’s correspondent in Beirut, I experienced first-hand the appalling suffering that afflicted the lives of decent people who were simply trying to save themselves and their families from the seemingly endless violence and bloodshed that was, for more than a decade, part of their daily routine.

Telegraph Blogs – Where there is strife

Why is it that everywhere you look in the Middle East you invariably find the dead hand of Iran trying to stir up trouble? Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan: where there is strife, there is Iran. Well, that’s how I see it.

Telegraph Blogs – Up to his old tricks?

Is Jacques Chirac up to his old anti-American tricks? That certainly would be my take on the curious story of the fast-fading French President’s attempts to get his foreign minister to undertake a secret mission to Teheran.

Telegraph Blogs – A terrifying prospect

My revelation that North Korea is helping Iran to prepare for an underground nuclear test is yet more evidence that Teheran’s nuclear programme is anything but benign.