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Seattle in the News! II!

WaPo – Suicide jumps off city bridge upset witnesses A bridge in Seattle is becoming hazardous to the mental health of the dot-com employees and other office workers below, who keep seeing people jump to their deaths from the span. Thirty-nine people during the past decade have committed suicide off the 155-foot-high Aurora Bridge — […]

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Democrats Achieve Dialogue With Iran

Hell, if that’s what they meant, we could’ve done that years ago. I thought they meant something, you know, constructive. Power Line – Nice Going, John LGF – John F. Kerry: Big in Tehran Kerry and Nancy Pelosi are mentioned.

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Blooming Charities

The Sunday Times – Let us have fudge, hope and charity, by Minette Marrin Let a hundred flowers bloom, Chairman Mao once said to China’s repressed intellectuals, inviting diverse ideas. Sure enough, when the intellectuals obliged, Mao ruthlessly mowed them all down. Our rulers do not believe in diversity either, although they are constantly nagging […]

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Athletic Elephants

The Sunday Times – We can still win the Olympics … by hacking it back to size Simon Jenkins Good for reflecting upon why one should never ask the government to do anything. There’s some kerfuffle going on here about the Key Arena, where the basketball team, the Sonics, play, at the Seattle Center, which […]

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Community Killing Commuting

The Times – Squashed, stressed, weary. Twice a day. Why? by Janice Turner<br/> The absurdity of commuting There is something heroic about commuters, their stoicism, sacrifice and lack of complaint, as they scrape ice off the windscreen on a dark morning and leave the town they barely know, where they have few friends, because they […]

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More Teddy Stories!

The Times – Dire echoes of a right Royal gaffe. History Notebook by Graham Stewart Ségolène Royal, the French Socialist presidential candidate, has been forced to clarify what she meant after appearing to call for Quebec’s “freedom”. Understandably taken aback, the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has reminded her that it is “highly inappropriate […]

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Someday I'd Like You People To Write Like This About Me

LGF – BBC Update: Entire LGF Thread Now Closed Damn.

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Master Philo's Debut

The Select Society – Knitting together So wee!

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Little Lump of Malignity

Telegraph – Coleridge’s daughter hid her poetic passions A British academic has discovered 120 unknown poems by Sara Coleridge at a university in Texas which, he says, rank her as a significant poet. Though Dr Peter Swaab does not make extravagent claims for the Lake Poet’s daughter – he ranks her as “an important minor […]

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To Ruminate Over as You Open Your W-2s

The Joy of Curmudgeonry – Fewtril #157 Of the misfortunes that he feels must come, Man prefers a certain regularity to an uncertain frequency and magnitude. Nothing shows this more clearly than that since the earliest times he has preferred to be taxed rather than robbed.

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The UN Finds a Use For the Jooos

LGF – UN Approves Resolution Condemning Holocaust Denial The United Nations General Assembly has unanimously approved a resolution condemning Holocaust denial. Unanimously except for Iran, of course. (Although I’d wager that several other OIC countries would have objected too, if they thought they could avoid the political fallout.) Hell, denying the Holocaust denies the UN’s […]

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Once Again, the Brits Demonstrate That the Americans Have a Real Problem &c

Telegraph – White teenagers guilty of racist murder Mohammad Parvaiz, 42, [father of three,] was stoned and battered to death when he inadvertently became caught up in a dispute between neighbours. He was lured to an isolated dead-end where he was dragged from his cab and set upon by the gang who were armed with […]

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History: The Balm for All (Political) Ills

The Telegraph – Teach history, and good citizenship will follow There is a simpler mechanism at hand. The teaching of history in our schools is, unaccountably, not compulsory after the age of 14. If it was, there would be no need for extra instruction in citizenship. It is through the teaching of history that citizens […]

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The CofE's Renewed Devotion to Fasting, Abstinence, and Penance in Commemoration of Christ's Forty Days in the Wilderness

Times2 – Let there be low-energy light during Lent, by Jane Shilling So what do the Archbishops propose as their Lenten initiative? Well, from this week, you can text the word “Lent” to 64343 and receive a daily suggestion for a Good Deed, beginning on February 19, until Easter Monday, April 9. Sample suggestions include […]

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Woah Gerry!

I, uh, don’t think he much likes ol’ Hil. The Times – The vaulting ambition of America’s Lady Macbeth, by Gerard Baker<br/> Hillary Clinton’s shameless political reconstructive surgery There are many reasons people think Mrs Clinton will not be elected president. She lacks warmth; she is too polarising a figure; the American people don’t want […]

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