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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLX

Fark – Theme: More fake photos from the Middle East, republished in the L.A. Times Best ones: alchemizer and Wilma Fingerdo.

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Peter Recommends CXCVII

“Bwahaha:” digg – Boston police blow up traffic counter chained to lightpost Thanks to the Boston Police bomb squad, this is one traffic counter box that won’t get a chance to kill anyone. I love this comment (those of you that saw this funniest item of the day will get it): Allright Bostonians, let’s just […]

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I Think I Just Heard Muffled Cheering Coming From Everett

BBC – Airbus confirms 10,000 job cuts Troubled planemaker Airbus has announced it is to cut 10,000 jobs across Europe over the next four years. France will be worst hit with 4,300 job losses. Germany will see 3,700 jobs go while the UK and Spain will see 1,600 and 400 jobs cut respectively. (Did you […]

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Damn! All This Time!

Why didn’t the Pentagon think of this?! That’s Prince Pickles, the “perky cartoon character with saucer-round eyes, big dimples, and tiny, boot-clad feet” mascot of the Japanese Self Defence Forces who “poses in front of tanks, rappels from helicopters and shakes hands with smiling Iraqis.” No wonder the violence is so dogged in Iraq.

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Something Rotten in South Korea

I know it’s a recurring thing here, when the news dries up and falls away, suddenly, lo and behold, one can see what’s going on in the rest of the world. And it’s a little disturbing. I know it’s fashionable to disregard anything that doesn’t happen in English as irrelevant and silly, and some may […]

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So, I'm Beginning to Wonder

I shan’t link to anyone but after running into the gazillionth “Oh but” I’m beginning to feel a bit lonely in this: Am I, actually, the only girl on earth who thinks Leonardo DiCaprio is a small-faced little dweeby boy? And a bit pudgy besides?

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Emily Dickinson Invented the Repressed Memory

Weird. WaPo – Was Repressed Memory a 19th-Century Creation? By Shankar Vedantam Curtsy: Wheat & Weeds.

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There, Somebody Appreciates That Speech

I’m not saying anything else on the subject. The Telegraph – The Queen that won it There was a presence at the Oscar ceremonies that the cameras could not catch. “Without her I certainly wouldn’t be here,” said Dame Helen Mirren yesterday, accepting her Academy Award for best actress. She was referring, of course, to […]

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Christianity, Secularism, the Baron, and Us.

I read this yesterday, but never got around to posting it. Apparently it has legs, so I’ll be sure to do it now. The Times – Religion isn’t the sickness. It’s the cure<br/> Our correspondent on the moral failure of modernism, by William Rees-Mogg We live in an age when modernists regard religion with something […]

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The Hollywood Fairy Tale

The Times – Gwyneth’s dress, my red wine and…oops<br/> The Vanity Fair party welcomed Posh and Madonna, Scorsese and J-Lo, the Queen and, er…Chris Ayres With another charge, I was finally inside. Usually my priority at these events is to perform an instant celebrity-scan of the room — actually four rooms, as Morton’s is virtually […]

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Because I Have a Reader Called HalfEmpty

This one’s for you, man! Auto Blog – Geneva Preview: Abarth is back with Fiat Grande Punto Abarth Preview Before Abarth was the inhouse tuning and racing division of Fiat, it was an independant automaker and racing team. Fiat purchased the company in 1971 and, if our research proves sound, the last Abarth model by […]

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I Want to Take Her to Parties and Start Fights With Ignorant Lefties

I love how they put her with a member of the House, okay, and an actor. You put a panel together to talk about Islam and war and history and sit Ayaan Hirsi Ali next to an actor…?

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But I'm Sure He Planted a Tree In the Garden

TCPR – Al Gore’s Personal Energy Use Is His Own “Inconvenient Truth” Gore’s mansion, located in the posh Belle Meade area of Nashville, consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year, according to the Nashville Electric Service (NES). In his documentary, the former Vice President calls on Americans […]

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Happiness is a Steamed Bun

I’m bored with the news. So I’m uploading pictures of food. I made bao. They’re delicious. They make me happy. They don’t photograph well, but they have inner beauty. And the other week we got off on a discussion on burdock root. This is what I was talking about: And while I’m uploading food pics, […]

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Life Fails to Imitate The Kite Runner

Probably because the final kite scene in that book was in Fremont. Not, you know, Pakistan. Breaking News.ie – Pakistan: 11 dead, 100 injured in kite flying festival They’re serious about their kites.

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