So there’s this thing going around that has Peter just in stitches. I think it dates back to this email that reader Brett McS sent a couple months ago that nearly killed him. But since a fair percentage of you, those who live in the real world, probably aren’t familiar with it, here’s a good place to catch up (Peter says, if you must go there, that he doesn’t recommend clicking on any other link):

Encyclopædia Dramatica – I am in your base killing your d00ds

(Now he’s trying to dissuade me from linking to it at all. So, proceed with caution. And for god’s sake put the kids away first.) (In fact, just read the first paragraph then skip to the examples.)

So, here’s today’s funniest item (click to view the slideshow, and don’t forget both pages (warning: some of the language is a little…saucy)):

flickr harbl meme – I’m in ur flickr, makin’ u laff

The best one, which is completely unobjectionable and must not be missed by those of you who may have been scared off already: Monorail cat