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And You Thought Real Estate Agents Were Sleazy Before

The Times – The Next War<br/> Hezbollah is already planning to draw Israel into another conflict Hezbollah? No but the international community got Israel to stop it’s perpetuation of the cycle of violence and the UN sent Peace Keepers. Silly Times! What might occur if the Lebanese Cabinet falls is becoming apparent. As we report […]

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Cultural Attitudes

The Times – The secret violence that challenges Britain’s Asians<br/> This conspiracy of silence over immigrant brides must end, by Sunny Hundal (founder of the think-tank New Generation Network. He blogs at PickledPolitics.com. Lost In Translation is on BBC Asian Network today at 6.30pm) This Government, instead of making small noises about deploring violence against […]

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Paradoxical Perplexity

The Sunday Telegraph – Hatred of America unites the world. By Niall Ferguson How does that old Randy Newman song go? “No one likes us – I don’t know why. / We may not be perfect, but heaven knows we try.” But who hates Americans the most? You might assume that it’s people in countries […]

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This Must Be the Two Americas Thing Again

I started to read this then got quickly bored, but then something struck me and I went back to it: Telegraph – We speak the same language, don’t we? When dispatching employees to English-speaking countries such as the USA, Canada and the Antipodes, some British companies spend little or no time on cultural preparation. After […]

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Pining for Pitchforks

The Sunday Times – Drip-drip-drip of a revolution, by Jeremy Clarkson The news last week that olive oil, Marmite and porridge cannot now be advertised during television programmes aimed at children confirms something I’ve suspected for a few months. There’s a revolution going on in Britain and no one seems to have noticed. When the […]

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Praising With Stiff Damnation

You may have to squint to see the compliment in here. The Sunday Times – India: Bush’s forgotten triumph, by Bill Emmott For both Tony Blair and George Bush there is no escaping the huge stain on their legacy from the debacle in Iraq. However much they defend their records, as Blair did last week […]

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Do They Still Read the Banns?

The Times – The swinging 1700s were so like today. History Notebook by Graham Stewart If the recent upsurge in cohabitation has a historic parallel then it is with the situation that existed before the 1753 Marriage Act. Until then the law had been very clearly against divorce but opaque on what constituted marriage. From […]

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Who Are You Gonna Believe, My Martians/Celebrity Story or Your Lyin' Eyes

BBC – Washington diary: Martians and celebs The country was embroiled in a losing war in Iraq… Townhall – Shhhh… The Surge is Working Early indications are that the troop surge into Baghdad is working. Gee, I dunno. That second article actually mentions a real aspect of the war it’s commenting on. The other is […]

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Deadbeat Dads Are Such Pregnant Smokers II

This comment of Dave’s seems to have legs. It won’t come to anything, I’m sure (this being a generational problem in the sense that it can’t hope to change until a certain generation has obligingly died off), but it’s entering it’s second week. Telegraph – Can Cameron win the father of all battles? By Charles […]

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Another Reason For Old Guys in VFW Hats to Make Me Tear Up

CDR Salamander – US Vets – dangerous at any age

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Revisiting My Nineties

Telegraph – Everything and more<br/> Tracey Thorn is the voice of everything but the girl, one of pop’s most enduring partnerships. Seven years after retreating from music to raise her children, she is back with a solo album. she talks to Sheryl Garratt about motherhood, music and life after the near death of her other […]

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The Clowns in the Box

The Times – TV news is panto for the hard of thinking, by Chris Addison They talk in the kind of tabloidese that merely belittles its readers when printed in a redtop paper but when used as spoken communication between one living creature and another sounds downright insane. This irritation is exacerbated by the presenters […]

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And These Are the People Who Represent Us to the World

What idiots: The Times – What Cate did next<br/> On the eve of Oscar night, serial nominee Cate Blanchett talks about the perils of the red carpet, the pleasures of motherhood and playing Bob Dylan (I love Cate Blanchett. Slap a picture of her on the front page of your news website and I’m guaranteed […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLIX

So there’s this thing going around that has Peter just in stitches. I think it dates back to this email that reader Brett McS sent a couple months ago that nearly killed him. But since a fair percentage of you, those who live in the real world, probably aren’t familiar with it, here’s a good […]

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LGF’s all up in arms over this: Pennsylvania Shari’a Watch Muslims in West Philadelphia are seething over plans to relocate a liquor store closer to the University of Pennsylvania—because there’s also a mosque nearby: Potential move brings potential conflict. I used to live near there, so I know what they’re talking about. A guy makes […]

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