LGF’s all up in arms over this: Pennsylvania Shari’a Watch

Muslims in West Philadelphia are seething over plans to relocate a liquor store closer to the University of Pennsylvania—because there’s also a mosque nearby: Potential move brings potential conflict.

I used to live near there, so I know what they’re talking about. A guy makes this point:

He said Masjid Al-Jamia is most concerned about the possible negative side effects that a liquor store might have for the area. “Most importantly, it’s really bad for the neighborhood because there are many families, and [it would be] less than 300 feet from the school on 42nd” Street, he said. “We’re not disputing the relocation of this store because it’s a religious matter only.” …

“If this is the motivation of the establishment or to further fuel the pockets of the government through liquor tax, I’m unsure,” said area resident Asalamu Alaikum, a member of Masjid Al-Jamia. “However, we all agree that we don’t want to see our community fall victim to these types of establishments, as others have done all too often.”

College junior Artina Sheikh, vice president of the Penn Muslim Student Association, also spoke out against the possible relocation.

“The MSA is extremely concerned over this issue and objects to this establishment because of the moral implications of permitting wider distribution of alcohol to society at large,” she said.

They have a point. See, the thing is, Pennsylvania’s liquor stores are state run. And, in my experience, nothing ruins a neighborhood like a state-run liquor store. But then there’s already one at 40th and Market, right up from the El Station. And since there’s like, two, in all of downtown, what do they need two in University City… oh wait.

Of course, then neighborhood os already pretty crappy.