I know it’s a recurring thing here, when the news dries up and falls away, suddenly, lo and behold, one can see what’s going on in the rest of the world. And it’s a little disturbing. I know it’s fashionable to disregard anything that doesn’t happen in English as irrelevant and silly, and some may have a point when they say that when it comes to territorial disputes and other neighbor-related issues of a historical nature [cough] Japan has been known to exacerbate matters, but I still tend to think things like this are important, especially when it ends with:

This is the the National Teacher Guidance Union Guidebook for teachers. The guidebook stresses Korean unification and Anti-American education. “Large Countries may provoke us into war. The American Government is against North Korea because they are obstructing the unity of Korea.”

What is this seemingly extreme organization? “We are researching whether Nationalist/Racial, Demographic, and Human Education has merit. Because our children need correct Racial education. We have held the Geiki Classes. Korea must correctly understand its history and receive the proper teachings.”

An expert on the Zenkyoso Organization stated, “I can’t precisely state this… but generally speaking… They aim to take South Korea out of the Triangle Alliance, and put it under a North Korean led Communist Regime. This is their goal.”

South Korea’s Increasing Anti-Japan Anti-USA Sentiment. Is it just a movement of democracy? South Korea, where are you going???

Asian Social Issues: South Korean Anti Japanese Education (subtitled in English)<br/>

For background, here’s the Wiki on Dokdo.


Oh and Creationists and Darwinists alike should get a kick out of this:

Breaking News from North Korea!<br/>

Humans evolved in North Korea, yes, but it only took a few centuries!