I’m not saying anything else on the subject.

The Telegraph – The Queen that won it

There was a presence at the Oscar ceremonies that the cameras could not catch.

“Without her I certainly wouldn’t be here,” said Dame Helen Mirren yesterday, accepting her Academy Award for best actress. She was referring, of course, to the Queen, the subject of Stephen Frears’ film of the same name. On its release in Britain, not all were convinced that it favoured the institution of the monarchy. But, partly through Peter Morgan’s careful screenplay, and partly through Helen Mirren’s convincing acting, it has made the world think again about the central character that it portrays.

For 50 years, as Dame Helen mentioned, “she has maintained her dignity, sense of duty – and her hairstyle”. There’s nothing wrong with the hairstyle, but never mind about that for now. “I salute her courage and consistency,” she said. And so do we.