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Forget Maggie — What Would Vickie Do?

Just two days ago the Telegraph was describing Tony Blair’s response with words like “sensibly“. Looks like they’ve decided he’s had enough time of that… Telegraph – If the Iranians hate us, let them also fear us Iran would not have kidnapped our Servicemen without having considered our rules of engagement, our diplomatic isolation and […]

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Next Time, Send a Card in Rainbow-Coloured 72 pt Comic Sans

They seem to like that sort of thing. The Times – EU refuses to back Britain over call to threaten exports freeze Blair is left to make a statement of disgust after the airing of another video from captured British troops European foreign ministers failed last night to back Britain in a threat to freeze […]

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Hitler Walks

Der Spiegel – Evil Americans, Poor Mullahs By Claus Christian Malzahn<br/> Forty-eight percent of Germans think the United States is more dangerous than Iran, a new survey shows, with only 31 percent believing the opposite. Germans’ fundamental hypocrisy about the US suggests that it’s high time for a new bout of re-education. The Germans have […]

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Fascist Zionist Front Group Reacts to Rosie

See the little feet desperately paddling. Popular Mechanics – Rosie O’Donnell 9/11 Conspiracy Comments: Popular Mechanics Respond It’s a good thing people like Rosie are too smart to read such obvious lies.

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Time to Bring Back the Top Hat?

Funny, just yesterday I was wondering if there was ever a situation in which a man could wear a top hat without coming off all camp or postmodern about it. I don’t think there is. Unfortunately. Contra Costa Times – Beaver dam must go, officials say<br/> MARTINEZ: Blockage interrupts flow of Alhambra Creek, could cause […]

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Algore Antichrist Watch: Breaking — Cardinal Pell Calls Algore "Deeply, Deeply Evil"

National Catholic Register – In God’s Outback<br/> Cardinal George Pell On Translating the Mass, Climate Change And World Youth Day BY Edward Pentin It’s a danger to try to identify it with any particular individual or movement, but I’ve been much taken by a marvelous contemporary novel by Canadian Catholic writer Michael O’Brien called Father […]

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A Tale of Two (2!) Churches

Asia News – The first Catholic Church in Doha in over 14 centuries Work has begun on the first Catholic Church in Qatar, which after a 14 centuries has finally received permission to open a place of worship in the country. The building which lies south of the capital – will not be open to […]

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Digging Chicks and Chick Diggers

The Select Society (Cleanthes) – A PPPPPPlauge of oPPPPPPinion Whilst his first main observation (“Iran can now play with a country it does not fear, using the captured, female, naval rating to ‘tug at our heart strings“) is spot on, I think he makes two mistakes. First, he suggests that the failure is on the […]

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Flat 'At Sells

The Telegraph – Cap of good hope Flat hats are the nearest we have to national dress. They are our equivalent of the beret. Asda has now announced it is surprised to be selling three times as many in the affluent South East as in the North. But the tweed cap has ever been a […]

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Modern Ozies

The Times – Look on those monuments to megalomania, and despair Our columnist on Burma’s bizarre but predictable architectural vision Ben Macintyre First, Burma. Poor Burma: In the foetid depths of the Burmese jungle, on the road to Mandalay, slave labourers toil to build a glinting new metropolis for their military overlords. This is Naypyitaw, […]

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ninme's Bus Adventures

LGF – 9/11 Denial on Mainstream TV Rosie O’Donnell is now officially a Truther. She came out today on “The View:” Video: Rosie melts down. He’s got the video too. I’m not going to watch it. On the bus today, some middle-aged woman got on with a Coach shopping bag, and another middle-aged lady next […]

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“Trading Up” by Sam Ryskind

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Hostages On Parade

Gerry Baker was on Hugh Hewitt last night, which was a great comfort. More on that later. So, the Brits are letting this backfire on the Iranians and let world public opinion come around to the idea that maybe the US isn’t actually the biggest danger to peace on earth. Key to this is the […]

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The Angle You're Looking for is "Geneva Conventions"

Times Online – Woman sailor ‘confesses’ on Iranian TV Iran has broadcast a film of the lone woman among 15 Royal Navy personnel seized in the Gulf last week, in which she says she “obviously trespassed” into Iranian territory. As the seven sailors and eight Marines were paraded on Iranian state television, Leading Seaman Faye […]

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Both Hands Up! Both Hands Up!!!

Wheat & Weeds – That 70s Show We were watching a Jay Leno from last week and wassizface Senator from Delaware was on and telling Jay with a tinge of pride and sentimentality that he was the youngest ever Senator (had to wait to be sworn in till his birthday) and that the Vietnam War […]

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