LGF – 9/11 Denial on Mainstream TV

Rosie O’Donnell is now officially a Truther. She came out today on “The View:” Video: Rosie melts down.

He’s got the video too. I’m not going to watch it.

On the bus today, some middle-aged woman got on with a Coach shopping bag, and another middle-aged lady next to her complimented her on it (I’m not sure if either knew what store it was from) and they talked about reusing pretty bags that look like gift bags you spend money on. A middle-aged guy next to them was inserting himself in their conversation, as people do around here. The second middle-aged lady got off the bus, leaving the first one with the bag. The middle-aged guy turns to her and conversationally asks her if she watches Rosie O’Donnell. She says no, not very often, but she’s seen it before. He tells her that she said on her show that 9/11 was an inside job, which “means the owners are about to pull the plug.” The middle aged lady asks which owners he means, the owners of the channel? And he says, “No, the owners of the country. The ones that run things. I think they’re about to pull the plug on Bush and Cheney pretty soon here. She wouldn’t say that unless they gave her instructions to.” My memory of the next sentence is fuzzy, then, “We’re about to find out the truth. I mean, the rest of the world knows, they’ve seen the evidence, but this country is about to see the evidence that the rest of the world has seen.”

Update (3.30):

Oh, btw, on my way back, I think I saw my first honest-to-god albino. A very tall man. I looked into his eyes though (he smiled at me (it must be nice being an albino, physical-oddities-wise, then people do look you in the eye)) and they looked silver. Not light blue or gray, but glinting silver. Maybe they were white, and the pupils and lines around the irises made them look metallic? Or maybe he wasn’t a real albino?