So, I just found the strangest headline:

Telegraph – Kidnap girl might be witness against mother

Natascha Kampusch, the Austrian girl who was kidnapped, held captive and abused for almost a decade, could testify in a court case which may prove her own mother was behind the ordeal.

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Thinking, “What?” I click on the second link:

Telegraph (3.17) – Kidnap girl may speak out on role of mother

An Austrian teenager held captive for nine years in an underground cell may testify that her own mother was not involved in her kidnap.

Natascha Kampusch, who was aged 10 in 1988 when she was snatched in a Vienna suburb while going to school, finally escaped last year.

Her mother, Birgitte Sirny won an injunction several years ago against Martin Wabl, a former judge, from publicly voicing allegations that she was involved in her daughter’s abduction.

However, Mr Wabl has won the right to challenge that injunction in court.

Thinking, “What?” I click on the second link:

Telegraph (3.17) – Natascha ‘may testify on mother’s kidnap role’

But from the very earliest days of the investigation into the disappearance, Miss Kampusch’s mother, Brigitte Sirny, has had to face accusations that she was involved in, or even organised, her daughter’s kidnap.

Mrs Sirny won an injunction several years ago against Martin Wabl, a former judge, politician and presidential candidate who had pursued the abduction, from publicly voicing his allegations.

In a controversial ruling this week however, Mr Wabl has won the right to challenge that injunction, after a judge decided that the initial decision was taken without testimony from the case’s most important witness: Miss Kampusch.

And thinking “What?” I go back to the first article, finding at the bottom:

The judge, Martin Wabl, has launched the new case in an attempt to clear his name by proving that his allegations that Miss Sirny was involved in her daughter’s 10-year trauma are true.

Mr Wabl has a list of nine witnesses to back up his theory. But yesterday he claimed that the key witness in the case was Natascha – who escaped the underground cell where she was held by her kidnapper last year.

He demanded that the court allow her to be called as a witness. The court is due to reach a decision within the next month.

Mr Wabl, who offered to help police in the search for Natascha after she vanished, yesterday told the court that Miss Sirny had shown little interest in finding her daughter after she had gone missing.

“What made me suspicious was the fact that she said near the start that she had given up all hope.

“This is not usual for a mother whose child has gone missing,” he said.

He further alleged that Natascha had been sexually abused at home before the kidnap, which was then arranged to hide her family’s crimes.

“All the evidence shows that there was sexual abuse and that the mother was involved, and that she arranged her daughter’s kidnapping to cover up what had happened,” Mr Wabl said.