Written by Carl Bernstein?!

You know, when Kitty Kelly wrote her pulp piece on the Bush family lo these three years ago, people were quoting it for months before it actually came out, it seems. And yet Mr Bernstein is actually reputable. He was played by Dustin Hoffman!

The Sunday Times – Watergate reporter Bernstein takes apart Hillary’s career story

Drawing on a trove of private papers from Hillary Clinton’s best friend, the legendary Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein is to publish a hard-hitting and intimate portrait of the 2008 presidential candidate, which will reveal a number of “discrepancies” in her official story.

Bernstein, who was played by Dustin Hoffman in the film All the President’s Men, has spent eight years researching the unauthorised 640-page biography, A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Bernstein reaches conclusions that stand in opposition to what Senator Clinton has said in the past and has written in the past,” said Paul Bogaards, a spokesman for Knopf, which publishes the book on June 19.

Sounds like she’s gettin’ a li’l swift-boated. By another liberal! Oooh!

With the thoroughness for which he is famous, Bernstein spoke to more than 200 of Clinton’s friends, colleagues and adversaries. He stops short of accusing the New York senator of blatantly lying about her past, but has unearthed examples of where she has played fast and loose with the facts about her “personal and political life”, according to Knopf.

The book could revive the explosive charge, made earlier this year by David Geffen, a former Clinton donor and Hollywood mogul, that “the Clintons lie with such ease, it’s troubling”.

Perhaps I’m unfair about the Kitty Kelly comparison. It is only April. The end of April, but April just the same. Though I am reading this in a British paper.

The Sunday Times has learnt that Bernstein has been given unprecedented access to the private papers of Diane Blair, Clinton’s closest friend and confidante, who died of lung cancer aged 61 in 2000.

It always fascinates me to hear that things are being written based on the private papers of people. When you’re talking about Victorian poets, that’s one thing. People wrote letters back then. They wrote them, made them worth saving. I keep everything that’s ever passed through my mailbox from an actual human being and if I live to be a hundred you couldn’t piece together the facts of any of their lives except which ones knew when my birthday is.

According to the publishers, it will cover everything from Clinton’s “complex relationship with her disciplinarian father” to “her courtship with Bill Clinton and the amazing dynamic of their marriage, during the most trying of circumstances”.

Ooh la!