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Canada's Macdonalds

Western Standard – Reverse Assimilation<br/> It seems increasingly likely that Canada will change to accommodate new immigrants’ values, rather than the other way around, by Mark Steyn Not only is the Canadian state insouciant about this ultimate outsourcing, it welcomes and celebrates it. For example, anti-monarchists such as John Manley and Brian Tobin routinely build […]

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I Know Liberals Think the South Is Like a Whole Other Country But This Is Ridiculous

AP – Clinton Says Her Southern Twang a Virtue Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday she sees her sometimes Southern accent as a virtue. “I think America is ready for a multilingual president,” Clinton said during a campaign stop at a charter school in Greenville, S.C. … Clinton is a linguistic polyglot—a Chicago […]

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The Queen and I

So I finally got to watch The Queen last night, and even though I usually only review stuff I see in theaters, I had to say something about it. I got all settled down to spend an hour and a bit admiring Helen Mirren (this may be common knowledge already but I love Helen Mirren) […]

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But Russia Really Wants to Get Into Films

The Times – Vladimir, Relax<br/> So-called threats to Russia are symptoms of paranoia Mr Putin unleashed two notable diplomatic salvos in his speech to parliament. The most dramatic was his suspension of Russian compliance with the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty, which since 1990 has limited military deployments in what had been the front […]

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It Exists! It Wasn't a Mass-Hallucination!

Chuckling (and quietly sobbing) over this: Times Online – Thou shalt not go religiously green. Mick Hume: Notebook I ran into this: As with Labour, it is not the power of the new religion that explains this craven conversion but the feebleness of the old. Such is the lack of confidence within the traditional Establishment […]

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Gerry Live Blogging

Sort of. The Times – Comment: no knock-out blows in Democrats’ first bout Gerard Baker (first of all I’d like to point out how even though this was linked to in the comment section they put “Comment:” in front of the title of this piece just to avoid any possibility that someone will mistake it […]

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Peter Recommends CCII

This is so… my experience. The Consumerist – The Most Excruciatingly Painful, Yet Typical, Customer Service Call Ever 59,951 Views(Now it’s 63,434 views.) Peter [no relation], who is the CEO of a company called Vocal Laboratories Inc. (they conducts call center customer service surveys for companies like Apple, Dell, and HP), felt compelled to add […]

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Why Would You Vote For Someone Who Has Faith in a Belief System That He Thinks Is Bad For Society

Wheat & Weeds – I Wrestle With My Conscience –& Win!

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They Sure Do Talk Funny in Nevada

Al-Fajr Media – Islamic State Of Iraq: The Cross Worshippers And Their Henchmen Plans Have Collapsed Allah Almighty says: “They will not fight you (even) together, except in fortified townships, or from behind walls. Strong is their fighting (spirit) amongst themselves: thou wouldst think they were united, but their hearts are divided: that is because […]

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German Chivalry and the Flower of Egyptian Womanhood

The Times – Museums at war over a flying visit home for Queen Nefertiti The 3,400-year-old bust of the wife of the Sun King Akhenaten has been in German hands since it was dug out of the desert by the archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt in 1912. It was smuggled out of Egypt and became a central […]

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Random Cultural Observation

So over the weekend somebody mentioned Mary Cheney, and after a couple of beats I thought “Oh yeah.” For everyone else who’s also forgotten, Mary Cheney is the expecting lesbian daughter of the vice president whom John Edwards finds so fascinating. Now, my observation is this: We all know that the MSM can maintain a […]

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Comments, Liberated

Peter’s been fiddling with new plugins, including one that makes trusted commenters without you guys needing to log in or whatever. So if you’re a regular commenter, or at least have left a comment in the past couple of days which is as far back as we went to make sure we didn’t leave anyone […]

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Global Warming: Causation Found

And it ain’t toilet paper. TMZ – Britney’s Paparazzi Parade

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Stifle Thy Squeals

The real trailer for the new Harry Potter is out today. Ohmigod. But three guesses why I’m really excited about it. Anyone? Anyone? Update: A clue: The answer lies within. But besides that, it’s pretty cool once you’ve figured out who you’re looking at.

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Doin It For the Children

I don’t usually provide updates on whose terrorist is getting killed where, but in this case… Times Online – Terrorist who used children killed in Iraq<br/> The US military have shot an al-Qaeda commander whom they accused of using children in suicide car bomb attacks He called himself the “security emir”.

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