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Dying, Dying, Est Mort

Opinion Journal – Continental Drift<br/> Europe shows signs of life, but Walter Laqueur argues that it’s still dying. BY GERARD BAKER Mr. Laqueur ponders whether Europe will really surrender to these adverse trends or finally resist. He is not optimistic. Perhaps Europeans will find ways to bolster their birth rates. Perhaps they will stiffen in […]

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So What You're Saying Is… It's All the Same Person?

500 years of chicks in art in just under 3 minutes. With a nice string ensemble accompaniment. It gets to the 20th century and kind of loses the plot, but it’s still fun to watch.

Categories: Art and Literature

A Bank, a Cake, a Theme Park, and a Music Video

Zoellick at the World Bank: The Times is excited. The Times – Zoellick brings shining CV and broad support to World Bank The WSJ is hopeful. Wheat & Weeds – Putsch #2 Underway It would appear he is unmarried. Let’s hope he’s between relationships at the moment. The Sachertorte is turning 175. BBC – Happy […]

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Jihad Watcher

Ah yes, this is what I like to see, ninmates carrying the torch of excellence further up, further into the blogosphere: Jihad Watch – D’Souzathon runoff Yesterday, when Dinesh D’Souza called me the “Alan Wolfe of the right,” I offered an autographed copy of my book The Truth About Muhammad to the person who came […]

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I Wannan Algerian Obaasan

There’s a series called “How to make people angry”. This is the “Zidane” (ジダン) technique. No translation required. Silly. SFW. And RC2’s net nanny. Though it won’t believe me.

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Bleg For Advice

Is it weird that crows keep coughing up half-eaten pieces of bread in my plant pots? First it was a pizza crust in my strawberries a couple weeks ago and now it’s I don’t-know-what-with-something-unidentifiable-and-green in a starter-pot of what should someday be a lime. I’d like to know.

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Queen Irony

(Irony isn’t the right word, but I can’t think of a better title at the moment and since everyone else misuses it anyway you’ll all know what I mean.) Showbiz Spy – Keira Knightley being lined up to play Diana? He says, “Already the word in Hollywood is ‘get Knightley’. It’s a story that has […]

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China – Adoption

The other day at Ikea as we were packing up the car, a family was getting out of an SUV parked behind us and another was getting into an SUV parked beside us. Both families had 2 kids, one couple was Chinese with Chinese kids and the other were white with Chinese kids. I kind […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXXVIII

Jesuit jokes! (you don’t have to be Catholic to get them) As someone who went to a Jesuit college (for two years, at least) and who went to a high school with a fierce and unyielding rivalry with a Jesuit one, some of these are very dear to my heart. Curtsy: Wheat & Weeds.

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China – Film

I heard this on the Telegraph podcast for last Thursday, and I tried finding it in the Spy archives online, but it doesn’t seem to be there. So here’s a transcript of the conversation between Guy Ruddle, the podcast editor, and Celia Walden, who writes the Spy column, who is in this fresh from Cannes: […]

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China – Sports

Telegraph – Beijing Olympics nothing to do with sport. By Richard Spencer No one could say that Stratford is pretty, but nor is the process of making Beijing ready for this risky undertaking. Of course, life is easier if you are an autocracy. Need land for stadiums and underground stations? Just kick off the locals, […]

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At Last! Problem Solved! Millions Saved! Why Didn't We Think of This Before!

The Times – At last, a way to stop the grotesque cruelty in Sudan<br/> The Darfur crisis is not insoluble. An oil trust fund is the answer, by Nick Donovan (head of research and policy at the Aegis Trust) An oil embargo should be implemented immediately, and not withdrawn until the crisis is resolved. From […]

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Brilliant Title

Wheat & Weeds – News I Blush To Disclose I’m saying nothing about it. My blushes shall be reserved for later use.

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Walmart, Hold No Quarter

Ah, the “Mom ‘n Pop” hardware store. The last time I watched the news on one of the networks (this is years ago), they were doing a piece on some poor couple who’s store was closing because they couldn’t compete with Walmart (because, naturally, this couple’s individual fortunes have so much relevance to the other […]

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I Wonder if La Grenouille Served Ham Sandwiches That Night

The Conrad Black trial, distilled to its essentials: National Review – BIRTHDAY SUIT, by Mark Steyn How many business events disguised as social events are held in American cities every night of the week? If a shareholder objects, that’s between him and management. But for the government to attempt to criminalize the question is a […]

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