Zoellick at the World Bank: The Times is excited.

The Times – Zoellick brings shining CV and broad support to World Bank

The WSJ is hopeful.

Wheat & Weeds – Putsch #2 Underway

It would appear he is unmarried. Let’s hope he’s between relationships at the moment.

The Sachertorte is turning 175.

BBC – Happy Birthday, cake

Apparently the recipe is secret to all but a handful of Austrians, so all we can do is look at the picture.

Harry Potter’s moving to Florida.

Telegraph – Potter fans to get a wizard theme park

Typical. I’d appreciate it if they didn’t burn us out on it before the last movie is released.

And this song cracks me up:

What a delightful insight into the unencumbered female mind.


I showed Peter. “Women are all insane.”