The other day at Ikea as we were packing up the car, a family was getting out of an SUV parked behind us and another was getting into an SUV parked beside us. Both families had 2 kids, one couple was Chinese with Chinese kids and the other were white with Chinese kids. I kind of wondered what the Chinese couple thought (and what Chinese people think) about all the little adopted Chinese kids (girls) you see around here. If they’re annoyed by it (“Hello we aren’t dolls for your aging selfish yuppies who woke up wanting a family”) or sort of embarrassed by the political realities making such adoption necessary, or if they even notice (“Just because we have similar facial characteristics doesn’t mean we all know each other”).

So, anyway:

The Corner – A commisar’s right to choose

My line on China, the soi-disant colossus of the 21st century, is that it’s been dramatically oversold. China will get old before it gets rich, in part because of its foolish “one-child” policy.

So, we already know that they have no problem sweeping hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes to make way for a glassy swimming pool, so isn’t it entirely possible that rather than bankrupting themselves and undoing all their Glorious Revolutionising by taking care of a billion elderly, they’ll just let them starve to death? Maybe the trend among American do-gooders in the future will be adopting Chinese grandparents?