Ah yes, this is what I like to see, ninmates carrying the torch of excellence further up, further into the blogosphere:

Jihad Watch – D’Souzathon runoff

Yesterday, when Dinesh D’Souza called me the “Alan Wolfe of the right,” I offered an autographed copy of my book The Truth About Muhammad to the person who came up with the best “Dinesh D’Souza is the _____ of _____.”

There were so many good entries, however, that we’re going to have to have a runoff. Please vote for one of these in the comments field below:

1. The Karen Armstrong of the Hoover Institution (Contributed by Still Breathing)<br/> 2. Dinesh D’Souza – “Putting the ‘me’ in Dhimmi since 2007″ (Contributed by Bunratty Bill)<br/> 3. The Hooper of Hoover (Contributed by justask)<br/> 4. The huckster of the highbrows (Contributed by RecoveringHog)<br/> 5. Dinesh D’Souza: “Lawrence of Taqiyya” (Contributed by joeblough)<br/> 6. The Dilettante of Dhimmitude (Contributed by Brett_McS)<br/> 7. The Saladin of wishful thinking (Contributed by I<3Crusades)<br/> 8. A voice of reason among the Islamophobes (Contributed by Dinesh D’Souza)

And winning!!!

Jihad Watch – D’Souza, unable to refute what I actually say, makes up some things I don’t say and refutes them

Brett_McS is our contest winner, and Dinesh D’Souza is hereby crowned the Dilettante of Dhimmitude. Congratulations to Brett and Dinesh also — send your address, Brett, to me at director[at]jihadwatch.org, and I will send you an autographed copy of The Truth About Muhammad <img src=”http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?. And thanks to all those who entered the contest. The entries were all terrific, and I think Dinesh richly merits the titles “Hooper of Hoover” and “Lawrence of Taqiyya” as well as the winning entry.

And from the author himself! Well done, Brett!

I won a book once, about Scotland’s symbol stones. I won a contest back in the early days of the internet when it was me and about three other people competing. It came with a little customs label on it and everything. Marked “CDs”, mysteriously. That was fun.