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Peter Recommends CCVII

“HOLY sh[*]ts. Go to google maps and search for SF then click the street view thing” I found the bench where I ate a crepe when I was in the city the other week. Relive your San Francisco experiences too!

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Seattle In the News! III

Actually this is Orcas Island, which is an island at the end of a fairly long ferry ride from here, but it’s where the rich hypocrites go to play, so it counts. (Here’s the Wiki and lookit what story’s already there, though not for long) LGF – Veterans’ Flags Burned, Replaced with Swastikas Click for […]

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Back to Work

First, my excuses: During the weekend we: went to Ikea, finished hanging all the doors in the kitchen (except for the uber-expensive glass doors, $67 each!), finally bought a load of shelving for the balcony to reclaim the floor, stained it twice, tried to start putting it together but apparently we need a metric hex […]

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Something to Do With Cricket

I have no idea what’s happening but I laughed till I wheezed anyway. Curtsy to Rueful Red for leaving it in the comments.

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Woah, Switzerland

Where’d this come from: BBC – Swiss move to ban minarets Mr Karaademi is also bitter at what he sees as unfair discrimination against his faith. “I even gave them a written undertaking that we would never make the call to prayer,” he said. “They seem to think we are all criminals or terrorists – […]

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So Pretty!

We went and saw Pirates today. Went for a coffee and brioche at the Market then the 11.30 matinee. $10 bucks for both of us, baby. Sure it’s long, but we packed a snack. The plot’s labyrinthian, but I didn’t have any problem following who was saving whom, and part of the confusion’s supposed to […]

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100 Years of Dukedom

The Times – Arch Duke Nearly three decades dead, but John Wayne remains larger than life Was there ever a US citizen who more persuasively bottled the bold, brash, bullish spirit of America than John Wayne? So much larger than just another movie star, Wayne – unashamedly conservative and patriotic – became the embodiment of […]

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Holy Ham Steaks, Batman

Mother of god that’s a big pig.

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And Today's Prize for Idea Most Unlikely to Ever be Realized Goes To…

Opinion Journal – How to End ‘Islamophobia’<br/> The latest survey of American Muslims won’t reassure their fellow citizens. (a onetime member of Jemaah Islamiya, an Islamist terrorist group, is a medical doctor and Muslim reformer living in the West.) To bring an end to Islamophobia, we must employ a holistic approach that treats the core […]

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Oh Lord: Movie News

This is bad enough: Telegraph – Scarlett Johansson to be Queen of Scots But doubly worse after seeing this last night: They’re making a He-Man movie. Honestly I don’t think I can take the heartbreak.

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Chrysanthemum Fish

The Times – Life in a goldfish bowl<br/> There are few rulers more burdened with care than Emperor Akihito of Japan. As he prepares to visit Britain for a conference, Richard Lloyd Parry profiles a troubled monarch who finds solace in the study of the goby fish And then there are the Emperor’s enthusiasms – […]

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The original Times review of Star Wars: <br/> click to enlarge Some things in Hollywood just never change.

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I'm Here For You People

The May issue of Wired had this story, about some of the American Embassy workers who got out during the hostage crisis: Wired Magazine – How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran Including this, in a sidebar “Flight From Iran/ 27 years on, we asked key players to recall […]

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Voulez Vous Vouloir

The Times – Tu Disrespectful<br/> Nicolas Sarkozy’s new Government is making a stand for linguistic civility A triumph, then, for those who never thought it at all paradoxical to be so formal and simultaneously so forward when inquiring, as the song goes: “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” (I wonder if RC2′s net nanny will […]

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Will John Kerry's Be In There?

FOXnews – Ancestry.com Puts 90 Million War Records Online Just wonderin’.

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