Here’s our politicians being helpful again. From The Japan Times:

The U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee overwhelmingly passed a resolution Tuesday demanding an apology from Japan over the sexual exploitation of women in the Asia-Pacific region by the military during the war.

ninme deletes the rant

And speaking of helpfulness:

Liberal Japan – Comfort women resolution, on it’s way to a full house vote!

No matter what you think, or what you expect to happen, the ultimate victor in all of this will be nationalists. American nationalists, Japanese nationalists, Korean nationalists, Chinese Nationalists and so on and so forth. While most obvious American nationalists have stayed on the opposite side of this debate, supporting the Japanese right by not supporting the bill, the fact is this is about America saying it knows better than Japanese citizens what Japanese politicians should be doing and saying. And even if the resolution is non-binding, when America speaks, Japan had better listen, because it’s not gold they keep in Japanese bank reserves, but American dollars. And though no one wants to use the word occupation, aren’t there still American soldiers in Japan? Moreover, Japanese nationalists will all be left simmering and angry, but if nothing else more strongly united and determined. Korean nationalists will celebrate and feel a great deal of self-validation. So long as people continue to view this issue in nationalist terms truth will be the greatest victim.

ninme deletes the rant again