Scraggly-beard man, aka “Rage Boy“, has made many rounds, teeth bared, eyes bugging out, tonsils a-vibratin’…

Snapped Shot – Professional Protester, Jihadi-style

I’m glad he could put his childhood misfortune to good use.



I have actually seen some of these demonstrations, most recently in Islamabad, and all I would do if I were a news editor is ask my camera team to take several steps back from the shot. We could then see a few dozen gesticulating men (very few women for some reason), their mustaches writhing as they scatter lighter fluid on a book or a flag or a hastily made effigy. Around them, a two-deep encirclement of camera crews. When the lights are turned off, the little gang disperses. And you may have noticed that the camera is always steady and in close-up on the flames, which it wouldn’t be if there was a big, surging mob involved.