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I Think They Already Lost That War

Here’s our politicians being helpful again. From The Japan Times: The U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee overwhelmingly passed a resolution Tuesday demanding an apology from Japan over the sexual exploitation of women in the Asia-Pacific region by the military during the war. ninme deletes the rant And speaking of helpfulness: Liberal Japan – […]

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As Opposed to When

Daniel Drezner – China Inc. is developing a bad brand image As a country develops and moves up the consumer supply chain, they generally acquire a reputation for making high-quality goods (think Japan and South Korea). What’s interesting is that China seems to be moving in the opposite direction. I think they’ve always had a […]

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Misogyny Blogging

Phib’s asked me (and a couple other ladies) a question: CDR Salamander – Misogynistic blogosphere? Is there an undercurrent of misogynistic behavior in the blogosphere? One that the anonymity of the medium encourages? I would love to hear what FbL, Bookie, and ninme have to say about it. Err, yes. This is something I’ve thought […]

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Treasured Chuck

The Times – The Green Prince<br/> Charles is in danger of becoming a recognised national treasure He has converted both his Jag and his Land Rover to run on used cooking oil, installed a reed-bed sewage system for his country house and a roof-harvested rainwater irrigation system for the garden. During the past tax year, […]

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Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Upon reflection, rather than be nettled about the rather extra-constitutionality of this, I’ve decided to congratulate those of you in Britain for pulling it off without having to have an election. I’m rather jealous. Times Online – Gordon Brown, Prime Minister, promises change The focus of national attention finally fell squarely on Mr Brown, who, […]

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The Chanel of Video Games

Honestly, I wasn’t going to bore you people anymore with my Nicole Kidman obsession, but two days ago I found this: On an article about her 40th birthday. Even Peter, whose love for her, if it exists, isn’t as unconditional as mine, said it was cute. Obviously she’s playing Brain Age. I thought it was […]

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Lil'est Wet Slick

<br/> Aldo, a three-week-old pygmy hippopotamus, (Choeropsis liberiensis) eats at the Vincennes zoo, outside Paris, Tuesday, June 26, 2007. Aldo looks, eats and lazes like a hippopotamus but he is only about as big as a human baby, at 53 centimeters (21 inches). This pygmy hippopotamus, born earlier this month, is one of only a […]

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Killing Geneva

Opinion Journal – The Truth About Guantanamo<br/> Proposals to treat detainees as criminal defendants make a mockery of international humanitarian law. BY JAMES TARANTO The AP’s impatience to write the final chapter of the Guantanamo story is of a piece with the way news organizations generally have told the story. … Perhaps the most striking […]

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Incomparable Film Forcasting

Bubblehead’s been reviewing movies again (best rating system ever!): Bubblehead – ‘Mighty’ Movie Reviews: “Evan Almighty” And “A Mighty Heart” In which he compliments me, I mean, in which he makes this point: The incomparable ninme provides a link to a review by a Hollywood blogger who claims the movie has a “Christian message” — […]

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People and Current Events

I suppose it’s fashionable today for us to studiously ignore Paris Hilton and congratulate ourselves on how high-minded we all are, but there’s really nothing else going on. Sure I’m sure if I set foot in The Corner I’d be knocked to the floor by the flurry of immigration posts, but is any of that […]

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The "Pacific Responder" of Ambulances

Are you an ocean-going vessel weighing over 40,000 tonnes who has gotten beached in New South Wales? They’ll send the special tugboat straight from Queensland to come and save you. Are you a human weighing 350 – 1,000 lbs who has gone and had a heart attack in Edmonton? Maybe they’ll send the special ambulance […]

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Car Ads, Glorious Car Ads

(I love how The Times does these whole stories that completely rely on YouTube content. It’s so… wonderful, really.) The Times – Six of the best: The cleverest car ads ever<br/> Half a dozen of the most persuasive little films you are likely to see on your TV I’ve only seen two of them through […]

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Maybe Somebody Hit Him In the Back of the Head and His Face Stuck Like That

Scraggly-beard man, aka “Rage Boy“, has made many rounds, teeth bared, eyes bugging out, tonsils a-vibratin’… Snapped Shot – Professional Protester, Jihadi-style I’m glad he could put his childhood misfortune to good use. Update: Hitchens: I have actually seen some of these demonstrations, most recently in Islamabad, and all I would do if I were […]

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Curtsy: HalfEmpty. Awesome.

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Reading the Deputy Tea Leaves

So we Americans aren’t really sure what to expect from Gordon Brown, since we don’t know that much about him, or how he’ll run Britain when he takes over in three days. The Times – Second Best<br/> The choice of Harman does not reflect well on the Labour Party Ms Harman’s victory speech accurately reflected […]

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