Times Online – Police find second London car bomb

Police were tonight investigating a second car bomb in London.

A vehicle parked in an underground car park near Hyde Park has been found to contain a device.

An area stretching from Marble Arch to Hyde Park corner had been closed off since this afternoon and nearby buildings evacuated while officers examined the car.

The second car was in the vehicle pound used by the local council to store those towed away for illegal parking.

But police refused to comment on reports that it had been towed there by parking officials who were unaware of its deadly contents.

Good lord. Good thing they didn’t clamp it.

I wonder where it was towed from. If it was towed at all.


Big Brother, finally vindicating itself.

LGF – ABC: UK Police Have ‘Crystal Clear’ Image of Islamic Terrorist

ABC News is reporting that UK police have a clear picture of the man who drove that explosive-laden Mercedes in London today. And he looks a lot like a Muslim who was previously arrested in connection with another UK terror plot—but released.