I was about to start whining that it’s such a slow news day, but then, no, I have a responsibility to pile on, even though it’s soooo stupid. Except it’s not stupid. So cowboy up, ninme.

LGF (one of many:) – Pace University Mindcrime Update

When did it become illegal to desecrate a koran? I didn’t think the law went into “desecration” in general. And I thought hate crimes were things that were illegal already but extra bad because you did it for a bad reason. Like it’s a crime to hit someone over the head but a hate crime if you do it because he’s gay. So now it’s illegal to do something that’s not illegal because you did it for a bad reason. So is it illegal for me to turn on talk radio because I hate my liberal neighbors?

Apparently Bill O’Reilly thinks the dunker should be punished for his crime. But that’s hardly surprising. Bill O’Reilly is a sanctimonious ass who will take any position that enhances his sanctimonious assiness.

Apparently the cop that arrested the dunker is CAIR’s #1 American Muslim Law Enforcement Officer. For those of you out there that freak out about police powers, isn’t this kind of bad?

How is this even a free speech issue? It’s not illegal to desecrate a koran. So if you say “but I have a right to free speech!” you’re basically saying it is illegal but you can’t get in trouble for it because you did it as a little bit of performance art or whatever in order to make a point.