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The Times – Millionaire’s wife ‘forced to abort baby girls’ Her allegations against 18 people have sent shockwaves across India by breaking a strict code of silence on such matters and exposing the extent of female foeticide among the urban middle and upper classes. “This is a common thing even in rich families — a […]

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Dog Days of Summer

Everyone’s gone. RC2‘s gone, Tim Blair‘s gone, the parents of the teenager across the street are gone… The news has ground to a halt and all I have to distract myself from my duties is listening to the kid play Fergie‘s Big Girls Don’t Cry at the top of her car stereo/sound system, then call […]

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Tackling Turkish Homesickness in Germany

Hey, perhaps this’ll work. Give them their most popular book from home to read, and that connection with the motherland (as opposed to the Fatherland) will allow them to stop romanticizing it and start buckling down and integrating. The Times – Publish and debunk this relic of history, by Ben Macintyre Seventy-four years ago this […]

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Hey Hey, Grendel!

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Good Lord, Is That a Soul?

(I shouldn’t be hard on Spielberg. I like Spielberg. Let’s say his action here shall be potentially indicative of a new movement in Hollywood, in order to explain the title.) ABC News – Spielberg Mulls Quitting Olympics to Pressure Chinese on Darfur<br/> Activists Look to Famed Director to Lean on China Steven Spielberg, under pressure […]

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La Mort du Tour

If you click through to read the whole article, not all the “photos from the world’s greatest cycling race!” “viva la tour!” links still in the sidebar. What can I say, it’s a French love affair. Times Online – France mourns ‘death of the Tour’ as sponsors get cold feet after scandal The French Prime […]

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Royal "Awww"

Telegraph – Queen’s romance to give us cheer. By Liz Hunt In a week of apocalyptic headlines, storm surges and devastated lives, it is the most unexpected and uplifting of stories, irresistible to even the most cynical or rabidly republican among us. To mark their 60th wedding anniversary in November, a helmet-haired, stern-faced old lady […]

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Full Disclosure Shall Remain Undisclosed

WSJ – Personal Technology – Now, It’s a Picnik To Edit Your Photos Using a Web Program, by Walter S. Mossberg (in 860 words) One of the best examples of these slick new Web-based application is Picnik, a sophisticated, photo-editing application offered free of charge at picnik.com. I have been testing Picnik and I like […]

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I Love France. Unconditionally and Without Reservations.

The Times – ‘It was stubborn and stupid. They didn’t have a tent or even a spade’ Mark Emerson, 30, and his ill-equipped companions made successive calls by mobile phone after being stranded by a blizzard at an altitude of 13,200ft (4,052m). With temperatures plunging to -15C and winds rising to 75mph, the French rescue […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLX

From The Ronnie Johns Half Hour:

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Ah, Telluride

I’ve got a unique capacity for the storage of fun facts. I love days like this when I can whip them out. The Corner – God Bless America, Mike Potemra A friend points out a delightful story from Colorado. It seems the Telluride town council has voted . . . to impeach President Bush and […]

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Hunch Panning

Wheat & Weeds – Wild Near Waziristan Are you noticing the US threat to go into Pakistan and get bin Laden? And the Pakistani response, “Such a move would be absolutely unacceptable [hurry]“? Hehehe. Since we have established here, here and here that CIA teams and Predator drones have already been there, and for some […]

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I's Gots Protection

Bubblehead – Seawolf-Class Boats Gathering In Puget Sound USS Seawolf (SSN 21) arrived in her new homeport of Bremerton this weekend, joining USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) in the Puget Sound. The other ship of the class, USS Connecticut (SSN 22), is heading to Bremerton herself at the end of her upcoming deployment. In addition […]

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RC2 had a link to this weeks ago, but last night Peter stumbled upon an embeddable vid.

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It's Like Wire in the Blood But More Literary and Less Serial Killer

Tony Hill for the literary set. Man I’d like to know what he’d make of me. John Barnes’ Amazon Blog – The Scott Thomas affair at New Republic — maybe a different take Fascinating. Read the whole thing.

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