The Times – ‘Torture’ of baby prompts call for Maoris to report abusers

New Zealand’s indigenous Maori people were at the centre of a national outcry over the abuse of children yesterday after a three-year-old girl was rushed to hospital with severe injuries, allegedly inflicted by members of her family.

Nia Glassie was hung from a clothes line and spun in a clothes dryer, police said. She remained in a coma in a children’s hospital in Auckland, with severe head and abdominal injuries, which police say were caused by months of abuse by relatives, including her stepfather and an uncle.

Helen Clark, the Prime Minister, urged members of the Maori community to report child abuse at the earliest opportunity to prevent further tragedies. She said: “I cannot believe that a child subjected to that level of horror, sadism, torture . . . that nobody knew. I can’t believe that.


The latest case of child abuse comes a year after the deaths of Cru and Chris Kahui, three-month-old Maori twins, brought the issue of Maori child abuse to national attention.

Cindy Kiro, the governmentappointed Children’s Commissioner, said that child abuse cases in New Zealand were “shockingly high and completely unacceptable”. Dr Kiro said: “We have known for some time that this has been the case and there is a desire to do something about it. It requires decent investment in programmes.”

Pita Sharples, an MP and the leader of the New Zealand Maori Party, said: “How do I feel when I hear they’re Maori? I feel ashamed. I feel guilty.”

Obviously not a politician taking many tips from CAIR. Otherwise he’d be demanding that people stopped making the connection between Maoris and child abuse because it’s blatant Maoriphobia, then he’d take a couple of kids into a grocery store, pretend to abuse them, then sue anyone who reported him to the authorities. Then he’d want a law making it illegal to report child abuse to the authorities because it’s blatant Maoriphobia.