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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CXL

Cacciaguida – Introductory speech for Constitutional Law II (Individual Rights) Curtsy: Wheat & Weeds.

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Teddy 'n Me

You know what they say about great minds… The Times – Prison officers: our finest public servants<br/> Let’s have more prisons and longer sentences, by Theodore Dalrymple (a retired prison doctor. His latest book is Junk Medicine: Doctors, Lies and the Addiction Bureaucracy) Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the prison […]

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A Tale of Two Signatures

Look who’ve been leaning over the same notepad under the same desk lamp at the same desk: The Times – We are pushing and pushing to save the Darfuris, by Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy Stuff written by politicians should never be attempted before noon. Certainly not before the tea’s been finished.

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What Year Did 9/11 Happen

Found on TMZ: Christian activist and author Mark Dice dropped by San Diego State University to see how many of tomorrow’s leaders know what year 9/11 happened. Video here.

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Keeping the Anglican Church Together

BBC – US Anglicans join Kenyan Church Kenya’s Anglican Church has consecrated two US bishops in a move likely to deepen a bitter row over homosexuality. Bill Murdoch, of Massachusetts, and Bill Atwood, of Texas, will be answerable to the Kenyan Church, although they will serve in the US. They left the US branch of […]

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Thursday Diversions

This is awesome: This is amazing: This is just fun (yet really really well done): fliiby – flash whack source Audio pretty much necessary for all. All safe for work. This is adorable. And this is one for the archives: Graphic-Exchange – Illustration

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What Hating Boys Gets You

A line, hardly the point of the article, found in this week’s Boris: Telegraph – Together we can reclaim the streets. By Boris Johnson Alas, he was met for his pains with a salvo of abuse. The 10-year-olds shrieked at the noble lord, who has been married since 1968 and who has three children. They […]

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Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Telegraph – Why the tiger’s future is far from bright. By Peter Foster (India correspondent) A decade of administrative neglect – 40 per cent of Indian forest guard positions are currently vacant – and years of forest administrators cooking the books to cover up poaching losses and the endless encroachment of villages on to protected […]

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My Whole World View… Challenged…

Good heavens: The Sunday Times – Pro-life rockers clash with Amnesty Amnesty International risks alienating some of its high-profile rock star backers in the row over its decision to support women’s access to abortion. The group has been accused of “duping” the singers Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne, who have both made statements against abortion […]

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Look What I Didn't See Last Week Because I Wasn't In Edinburgh

A Gaelic language movie: Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle ~shniffle~

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A Brief History of the War in Iraq

One for the external memory drive: Protein Wisdom – The Big Picture(s) It’s long, but an engaging read and goes by quickly, and is the sort of thing you’ll want to have printed out and folded up in your wallet just in case you ever find yourself on a cable talking heads show (or a […]

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And I Looked Upon the Face of Greed, and It Stayed My Hand, But Only Because I Was Too Pissed Off to Move

I don’t usually use the fold, but I’ve gone off on rather a rant, here, so the rest of this will be below the fold. Maybe I’ll move it back above it later when it’s moved down the page a bit. Who knows. Whizbang – G.I. Joe: “Real American Hero” no more, by Cassy Fian

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I Should Be So Poor

NRO – Poor Politics<br/> Edwards’s poverty “plague” examined. By Robert Rector The following are facts about persons defined as “poor” by the Census Bureau, taken from a variety of government reports: • 46 percent of all poor households actually own their own homes. The average home owned by persons classified as poor by the Census Bureau […]

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Those Leftist Ideals Again

BBC – French star sued for hero comment French actress Fanny Ardant is being sued by the son of a former Italian policeman killed by the extremist Red Brigades group in the 1970s. The actress sparked a controversy when she told an Italian magazine she considered the jailed founder of the Red Brigades her “hero”. […]

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All Gone Pear Shaped

(I wouldn’t usually recommend Simon first thing, but, well…) Telegraph – We pay to have an underclass. By Simon Heffer That welfarism should allow people to pass their duties to the state was certainly not envisaged by Beveridge when he drew up his blueprint for a welfare system in 1942. As a Liberal of the […]

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