One for the external memory drive:

Protein Wisdom – The Big Picture(s)

It’s long, but an engaging read and goes by quickly, and is the sort of thing you’ll want to have printed out and folded up in your wallet just in case you ever find yourself on a cable talking heads show (or a dinner party) where some moron has just said to you “Yeah? Name one example!” as if you carry around that sort of documentation with you. Well now you do!

It also touches on, entirely incidentally, the reasons why I read pretty exclusively the British press. Newer readers will see why I’ve been named your local source for distant newspaper content, but they might not have heard the reason why lately: I know vastly more about what this country is up to inside of this country and in the world by reading foreign media than I do domestic media. The important, stuff, anyway. And without having to glue my eyelids open or develop a barbiturate dependency.