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Testing, Testing, iPhone 4, 5, 6

So, was it all worth it? Now: pictures! (too much for one night?)

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Testing 4.01

It’s kinda ugly back here (unlike the pretty front end) but I gotta do the upgrade if I’m gonna get the plugin to work on the iPhone and blog from Canada… The things I do for fame… Update: Right so comments went kerblooie. So, uh, hold yer horses. Update II: Poor Peter’s having a hairy […]

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Lil'est Moustache!

The Times – What do you call a 20st baby walrus? Augh! Peter literally had to clap a hand over my mouth when I saw this last night to stop the squealing.

Categories: Science and Nature

An Injection for Those With a Serious Pun Deficiency

Submitted by reader HalfEmpty. Probably because he knows my propensity for “the weird aquatic stories.”

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Adopt a Laolao

Back in May, after a trip to Ikea, I wrote, So, we already know that they have no problem sweeping hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes to make way for a glassy swimming pool, so isn’t it entirely possible that rather than bankrupting themselves and undoing all their Glorious Revolutionising by taking […]

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Saffron Five

Fear not, oppressed peoples of the world: the UN is on the scene! Times Online – UN envoy meets Aung Suu Kyi, Burma’s democracy icon, in Rangoon The meeting between Mr Gambari and Ms Suu Kyi was regarded by western governments as crucial in urging reform on the junta, which for the time being at […]

Categories: Geography and Foreign Affairs

Well, He's Done It

Peter bought an iPhone. He’s been on about it since the damned thing came out, but last week he discovered that, due to a happy error in his spreadsheet, he had more money than he thought. So he kept saying, “Should I buy an iPhone? Should I buy an iPhone?” So there we stood in […]

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Nobody In Here But Us Hidden Imams

Telegraph – Will the 12th Imam cause war with Iran? By Con Coughlin Many people believe the greatest threat to world peace concerns Iran’s nuclear programme, so there was understandably great interest at this week’s general assembly in New York when the country’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, took the platform. But instead of seeking to reassure […]

Categories: War and Peace

El Sides-Splitto

This cracked me the hell up the other day: Ocnus.net – Silence in Syria, Panic in Iran, By Dr. Jack Wheeler “Everyone in the government and military can only talk of one thing,’ he reports. ‘No matter who I talked to, all they could do was ask me, over and over again, ‘Do you think […]

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Saffron Four

Guardian – Comment is free – Struggling alone<br/> The international community’s failure to act means watching helplessly as victims of repression in Burma are consigned to their fate. by Václav Havel On a daily basis, at a great many international and scholarly conferences all over the world, we can hear learned debates about human rights […]

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Still Something Wrong With This Picture

The Times – Cleared of rape and fraud and set to be South Africa’s next president Not all that, no. This picture: Aren’t African leopards just the teensiest bit endangered…? “President Bush arrived to speak to the American Auto Workers Union today wearing the remains of a bald eagle on his head…”

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Finally: a Reaction

Didn’t link to this at the time because, frankly, it was depressing and pointless, but, ah hah! somebody seems to have spoken out! Daily Mail – BBC’s Newsround fed youngsters Al Qaeda propaganda, claims ex-spy chief Britain’s former spy chief accused the BBC of “parroting” Al Qaeda propaganda to children as young as six. Dame […]

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Incandescent With…

The Telegraph – Unenlightened lightbulb change Cartoonists like to indicate a brilliant brainwave by drawing a lightbulb over the head. From the end of next year the standard 100-watt lightbulb will be banned from sale. We’ll have to use compact fluorescent lamps – coiled-up strip lights. Whose bright idea is that? It takes a Labour […]

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Alien Bunkers! The Weirdness Resumes!

And thank god for it. Lately all we’ve had out of that pair are pictures of the absurdly cute Suri. Sure, she’s weirdly cute. But not so cute she’s weird. We needed weird. This is London – Tom Cruise building ‘£5m bunker to protect against alien attack’ Hollywood star Tom Cruise is planning to build […]

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Saffron Three

Times Online – Video shows Japanese journalist ‘being shot deliberately’ Footage capturing the last, terrible seconds of Kenji Nagai’s life has been aired on Japanese television – horrifying a nation and raising official suspicion that the 50-year old photo-journalist was murdered by Burmese troops (writes Leo Lewis in Tokyo). The shaky, indistinct moments of footage […]

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