The Telegraph – Unenlightened lightbulb change

Cartoonists like to indicate a brilliant brainwave by drawing a lightbulb over the head. From the end of next year the standard 100-watt lightbulb will be banned from sale. We’ll have to use compact fluorescent lamps – coiled-up strip lights.

Whose bright idea is that? It takes a Labour Government and a cabal of EU bureaucrats to change our lightbulbs.

Critics say the new lights are bulky, dim and expensive; that their flickering tires the eyes; that a hecatomb of citizens will tumble downstairs nightly, since fluorescent lights do not come on immediately as you grope along the landing; that the new bulbs are smeared inside with mercury, which will wash into waterways when they are binned and poison fishes.

By all means let those convinced of their environmental virtue use them. But the prohibition of old-style bulbs will make other people incandescent.

Idiot a-holes. God this sh. pisses me off.