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The Telegraph – Ban in-flight mobiles

Here are some words to chill the blood: “I’m on a plane. I said, I’m on a plane. A plane. Yes! To Tenerife. Ten-er-ife.”

As we report today, a technical breakthrough means that airlines may soon allow passengers to use mobile phones on flights. The European Aviation Safety Authority is evaluating a device that stops a phone interfering with the plane’s equipment; it has already been approved for use on smaller Airbuses. Ryanair is currently trying out the technology on its Boeing 737s.

Now is the time, if you have not already done so, to sign The Daily Telegraph’s online petition against the use of in-flight mobile phones, to be found on the travel section of our website. We began our campaign in July, after we asked our readers what they thought about the idea – and not one supported it.

I think they should be allowed, but text-messaging only (and email and websurfing if you’ve got a Blackberry or iPhone or one of those). With the sound decidedly off. Or headphones on, if it’s an iPhone.

(Come to that, what is the policy on the iPhone? You can use your iPod on a plane… Is there a way to shut off the phone function?)

Now I just have to link to this (old, but a classic, and still cracks me up):

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Peter tells me there’s an airplane mode! (For the iPhone)