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Clone Them Clone Them!!

The Times – Mammoth DNA extracted from hair reveals ancient secrets Ten woolly mammoths that died up to 50,000 years ago have had their DNA sequenced using a technique that could revolutionise genetic testing of extinct creatures. DNA sequences from mammoth remains were so detailed that they are expected to cast light on why the […]

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Little Nadia

I saw this the other day on Drudge, but it didn’t look like the type of thing I’d need to blog about. Wrong! This is just too funny: BBC – Russian mother has ‘giant’ baby A Russian woman has given birth to a baby weighing 7.75kg (17.5lbs), more than twice the average newborn weight. The […]

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News Poping

Telegraph Blogs – Holy Smoke – Pope’s veiled attack on Muslim countries, by Damian Thopson Pope Benedict XVI has made a coded but fierce attack on Muslim nations where Christians are treated as second-class citizens and Muslims are forbidden on pain of death to convert to Christianity. In a speech yesterday, the Pope defended “religious […]

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Canucks Under Water

(Hey Bubblehead! “Thbbbpt!”) Times Colonist – Willcocks: Submarine purchase gives navy that sinking feeling The submarines cost about $790 million when Canada bought them. There’s no ready tally of the money sunk into them since, but the repairs and refits to the Victoria [which is in drydock where he's writing this] have more than equalled […]

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Light Up For Civilization!

The Western Standard – The Dangers of Not Smoking<br/> As with other strains of puritanism through the ages, the stop-smoking inquisition may well be connected to the crisis of our times, by David Warren I wrote “Prohibition,” and “puritanism,” still emotive terms, and it is necessary to add that North Americans have never had a […]

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In Which She Goes to Columbia

I managed to skate by this topic all week, but this I just can’t leave: Telegraph – Ahmadinejad takes insults in his stride. By Bryony Gordon You can just imagine the scene. Evil dictator with nuclear programme who hates a country so much he has called for it to be wiped off the face of […]

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Saffron Two

Times Online – Exclusive from Rangoon: blood, fear and courage amid the junta’s deadly force<br/> Our correspondent experiences the brutal force of the backlash against pro-democracy protesters The picture is captioned: This is the moment that Kenji Nagai, 50, who was covering the Rangoon protests for the Japanese news agency APF News, was shot. He […]

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US, Oz, Britain, France, and China

Telegraph – Burmese military crackdown condemned Gordon Brown warned the regime that the “whole world is watching Burma”… Alexander Downer, Australian foreign minister, said he would not be following George W Bush’s announcement of further sanctions against Burma, saying they “would have absolutely no impact”. He said China was the only country with a hope […]

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Look Who Got Around to Checking Their Messages

“Beep You have five billion messages.” Times Online – Chinese admit that Three Gorges Dam is an ecological disaster It was supposed to be one of the engineering feats of the 20th century. But instead the Three Gorges Dam across the mighty Yangtze River in China may prove to be an environmental catastrophe, officials have […]

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See, Not All Canadians — Not Even All British Columbians! — Are Insane

Victoria Times-Colonist – Ban on military recruiters irks students University of Victoria students are protesting a decision by their student society to ban active Canadian Forces recruiting at a career fair in their building. The outcry, which includes a 350-member protest group on Facebook, has forced the UVic Student Society to let students have the […]

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And the View of Fatherhood in Other Nations…

An ad for Shinano Mainichi Shinbun, a Nagano newspaper: (“Oto-san” is father, “arigato” you know.) As opposed to this, and this, and this, and this, and most shockingly, something I had a whole rant raging on in my head about but couldn’t put down without it exploding, this

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Oscar Nominations of Old

Reason and Emotion, 1943<br/> Their use of red hair interests me. So we watched March of the Penguins Friday night, and driving around on Sunday Peter commented as to how surprised he was by how astonishingly awful it was. So I said, “Yeah, I guess that’s what it takes to get a documentary to win […]

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Ooh Baby, You Really Light My Oxidation Process That Releases Energy In Varying Intensities In the Form of Light and Heat

Telegraph – Science: Is it possible to make science sexy? Well, a picture of David Tennant is a good place to start. Rowr.

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Take a Goooood Look

Times Online – Campaign to show the naked truth about anorexia That’s anorexia. Keira Knightley is not anorexic. Update: Here’s another picture, at the Daily Mail, no less (warning, frontal nudity bits) (although, really, it isn’t likely to get you fired for being a pervert) (unless you’re really twistedly perverted). Maybe now they’ll get it […]

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Saffron Revolution

Happy Moon Festival, everyone! The Times – Burmese Days<br/> Demonstrations are a challenge to the junta’s long and oppressive rule Burma has been ruled by a military dictatorship for the past 45 years. And though the secretive cabal of army generals has briefly dabbled with democracy, allowing a general election in 1990 that massively endorsed […]

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