It’s kinda ugly back here (unlike the pretty front end) but I gotta do the upgrade if I’m gonna get the plugin to work on the iPhone and blog from Canada… The things I do for fame…


Right so comments went kerblooie. So, uh, hold yer horses.

Update II:

Poor Peter’s having a hairy coo over this right now.

Update III:

I mean, it’s really awful. But stuff I need to use doesn’t work anymore on the old one. But this new one is just awful. So if you’re not going abroad and you don’t have an iPhone, don’t do it. Or maybe it’ll fix itself and be wonderful. But the way it’s laid out is just really bizarre. I mean, really bizarre.

Update IV:

Okay, comments are go. Comment preview though isn’t. Categories? Totally fuxored.

Update V:

Hairy. Coo.