Peter bought an iPhone.

He’s been on about it since the damned thing came out, but last week he discovered that, due to a happy error in his spreadsheet, he had more money than he thought. So he kept saying, “Should I buy an iPhone? Should I buy an iPhone?” So there we stood in the Apple Store with him lovingly flipping through the various features for the upteenth time, but when I asked if I should look up how Moveable Type looks on it he told me that there’s a special version of MT just for the iPhone, so I told him he could buy an iPhone.

You see the things I do so I can keep ninme going while we’re in Canada next week?

In other news, we had dim sum for lunch, got rid of a bunch of stuff at the Cancer Store, and went to Ikea for . . . the last of our kitchen doors! So I might actually put up pictures of the whole tale of the Kitchen Remodel Saga.