So I listened to the entirety of the Shire Network News’ interview with Filip Dewinter of Valaams Belang (mirrored by LGF), and I admit I wasn’t paying total and complete attention throughout (it’s a half hour long, for crying out loud), so I’m not entirely sure what it is that he said that was so “shit”, as Tom Paine says at the end.

Perhaps someone can parse it for me cuz I ain’t listening to it again.

So here I am, a microcosmic example of normal people, going about their business, not paying too much attention to what’s going on but figuring that things sound alright, don’t they, and soon enough 72 million people are dead in a World War.

Now we come to the media, both kinds, and their role in all this. Responding to my post yesterday, RC2 had this:

Related in a different way: 77% of the American people agree with me: Report something!

The public pines for substance. A separate survey found that 77 percent of the respondents said they wanted more solid information on candidate policies and ideas. The press did not deliver.

Instead, almost two-thirds of the coverage focused on the “game” of the political horse race and candidate “performance.” Accounts of their marriages, health and religion followed in importance in 17 percent of the stories — with just 15 percent examining domestic and foreign policies. A mere 1 percent shed light on candidates’ public records.

So, the MSM is so wrapped up in their insular little world that they’ve completely forgotten their roles and their audience, thinking that everyone else just cares about “the game”. So the New Media, the blogs or whatever, decide that what they need to do is to fix things is by, paraphrasing Mr Paine, asking questions, giving the person all the time in the world to answer them, never interrupting, and putting the whole thing out there for people to listen to.

And we’ve seen how that worked out. Hitler could have just passed his Enabling Act for all I’d have noticed. And all I did was get some orange juice, email Peter once or twice, check if any of my blogs had updated, and played some solitaire. What about people with real jobs?

So, really, the point isn’t that we need complete, unfiltered information, we just need our filters to be someone other than the self-obsessed idiot dumbasses running the media.