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Mustn't Go Outside Without an Abaya

LGF – Laura Bush Defends Saudi Misogyny With an update. I wish well-meaning people, like Laura Bush, would just leave the subject alone. I get that she doesn’t think all Muslims are terrorists and that all Muslim women are miserable and violently oppressed, but her presence there should say enough.

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The Solidarity of the Dispossessed

I just thought this was kind of a sweet column (and true!): Sunday Telegraph – Living here makes no sense… but that’s LA. By Rob Long (a Hollywood scriptwriter and author of Set Up, Joke, Set Up, Joke) If you’ve got a $20 million piece of beachfront real estate, it just doesn’t seem possible that […]

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Peter Recommends LXXVIII

high speed camera: lighter<br/> So I’m in Seattle: with a cold, covered in poison oak, tired as hell, and not in the most chipper of moods. Light blogging through the afternoon. A few thoughts on home: Everyone, people, radio ads, etc, kept referring to “Osh”, my aunt said something was over by the Osh, the […]

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Something Like a Fox

(Re: the title. I could weave this into a big long rant, tying it into a bunch of other things, mostly Grave of the Fireflies, but one or two other apparently completely disconnected things as well, but a) I’m at that stage where I’m tired but I’ve had too much coffee so I’m lethargic and […]

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Our Heroic Slick

“How dare you“, and suddenly even Clinton is getting links from, well, blogs like mine (and, granted, Instapundit). Remember my line (which was, incidentally, my one-and-only mini Instalanche)? Which just goes to show how starved we are for statements of the obvious from our political leaders.

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I watched the news yesterday! Grandpa was dozing in front of the golf but said I could watch whatever I wanted and lo, it was three o’clock, so I turned on Brit Hume. They had an item on this with pretty much the same to say about it (though not nearly so hilariously): The Times […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CXLIX

(First of all, what’s with people who actually get paid for writing (journalists, professional bloggers) never turning spellcheck on when they type? Do they think they have people for this?) So, a journalist I’ve never heard of working for a newspaper company I couldn’t name which bought what was previously a newspaper company I could […]

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Telegraph – Where are our allies in Afghanistan? But while, in strictly military terms, British forces and their allies are prevailing in their war to subjugate the Taliban, they are not enjoying the same degree of success in the other, and arguably more important, aspect of their mission — assisting the Afghan people in the […]

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Mr McS

Frequent commenter and founding ninmate Brett McS’s dad died a couple weeks ago. Like my grandmother, he had Alzheimer’s disease, and it was nice knowing someone else who was going through the same thing, so I was really sad to hear that he’d passed. Brett McS found some old photographs and things about his dad’s […]

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Further Proof of the Cushy World of American Editorial Cartooning

Now, granted, I don’t run into a lot of American editorial cartoons anymore, but there’s a reason for that: they’re not very good (artistically and message-wise). These are really, really good. Memri – Anti-Terrorism Cartoons in the Arab Press Memri – Cartoons in the Arab Press on the Status of Women in the Arab World […]

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Jena: 6 Myths (x2)

I love the tone of “Look what I’ve just discovered!” CSM – Media myths about the Jena 6<br/> A local journalist tells the story you haven’t heard. Jena, La. – By now, almost everyone in America has heard of Jena, La., because they’ve all heard the story of the “Jena 6.” White students hanging nooses […]

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Evacuation California Style

What can I say, things are better here. Times Online – 500,000 evacuated as winds whip California fires southward Half a million people including Hollywood actors and film moguls have been moved from their homes in the biggest evacuation in California’s history. Firefighters conceded defeat in many areas against the wildfires that have destroyed more […]

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Peter Recommends LXXVII

The coolest jack-o-lantern ever made. Ever.

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Perfect Day to Have Other Things to Do

Lord nothing is going on. Nothing you’d blog on, anyway.

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The End of Debating

I found this, by Alan Dershowitz, on Damian Thompson’s Holy Smoke blog on the Telegraph site. He says that the Oxford Union is dead, that it’s “become a Potemkin village where a façade of fairness serves as a cover for the reality of bias.” Which is fabulous. Politicians don’t debate anymore (they just stand up […]

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