high speed camera: lighter<br/>

So I’m in Seattle: with a cold, covered in poison oak, tired as hell, and not in the most chipper of moods. Light blogging through the afternoon.

A few thoughts on home: Everyone, people, radio ads, etc, kept referring to “Osh”, my aunt said something was over by the Osh, the radio said Osh was having a sale, and finally it occurred to me: Orchard Supply Hardware has started going by “Osh” since I’ve moved away. Before it was the logo “OSH” and pronounced “Orchard Supply Hardware”.

When I lived there, all the dot-commy money (no pun intended) (though, it is a rather good one, isn’t it) drove Mercedes and BMWs (in addition to the usual minivans, station wagons, Audis, Volvos, VWs, and miscellaneous Japanese and American cars also on the road). Now they’re driving Mercedes and Prii. Evidently all the M3 drivers traded the Beemer in for a Prius. Whatever.

Seattle Airport looks really dingy after SFO.

There was something else, but I dunno now.