(Re: the title. I could weave this into a big long rant, tying it into a bunch of other things, mostly Grave of the Fireflies, but one or two other apparently completely disconnected things as well, but a) I’m at that stage where I’m tired but I’ve had too much coffee so I’m lethargic and shakey at the same time, which makes extra movement unwelcome, b) finding links requires a lot of extra movement, c) finding links requires a lot of new windows and the laptop ain’t the place for that because d) I’m already cheesed off enough since this stupid Movable Type 4.01 update slows the frick down this poor computer and, just like a smoker accustomed to extra movement putting him out of breath can’t countenance the possibility of bending over to pick up a hat, I find it difficult to open new windows.)

Cacciaguida – Dumbledore: that father-absence thing is a killer

Read the whole thing. This guy’s really, ah, familiar with the content.

Curtsy: Wheat & Weeds