I just thought this was kind of a sweet column (and true!):

Sunday Telegraph – Living here makes no sense… but that’s LA. By Rob Long (a Hollywood scriptwriter and author of Set Up, Joke, Set Up, Joke)

If you’ve got a $20 million piece of beachfront real estate, it just doesn’t seem possible that anything, even a brushfire, would be rude enough to keep you away from it. Or, worse, destroy it altogether. Fires, like earthquakes, mudslides, riots, and people driving American-made cars, are supposed to keep to the cheaper parts of town.

The trouble is, house prices have soared so high, and so fast, in southern California that there really aren’t any cheap parts to burn. Hotel lobbies thronged with the evacuated super-rich may not tug at the heartstrings, but you’d have a hard time detecting even a whiff of schadenfreude from the non-evacuees. Real estate, you see, is our religion: even if you are David Geffen building a luxury hotel, when someone loses a three bedroom canyon-view with granite countertops, you feel it.

I would read the whole thing. It’s got a cute end.