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Evel Knievel Died Today

Evel Knievel died today? Well, hell.

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Peter Recommends LXXXII

A different angle on the other night’s arboreal adventure: Mashable.com – YouTube-CNN Republican Debate Reflects Poorly on New Media As you may recall, the Republican YouTube-CNN debate almost didn’t happen. Many Republican candidates were afraid that the response from the Internet would be goofy, degrading, and inherently biased. When I’ve made personal note of this […]

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John Bolton Plugs a Book

Yee-haw. Telegraph – John Bolton thinks diplomats are dangerous. By Con Coughlin But does modern diplomacy actually work? Careful consideration does not make for comfortable reading. Kosovo, Darfur, North Korea and Iran suggest that more progress might have been made had a little more stick been employed than endless talk. All the main aid agencies […]

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Reader Requests Answered, Six Months Late

I am now embarking on my atheism indoctrination: His Dark Materials! Yes, back in May RC2 asked if anyone had read the series, and now, with a week and one day to go before the movie is released, I am fulfilling my promise to you all to write it up! Lured into this evil trap […]

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Atheists Coming Together to Celebrate the Birth of the Divine

Telegraph – Writer’s speech ‘too Christian’ for carol service “I am incandescent,” she said. “I was told that the words I had written were not appropriate because the congregation would include people of little or no faith who presumably would be upset. Even more insultingly, I was asked instead to read a passage from Bertrand […]

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Lord Palmerston, You Might As Well Finish That Cup of Tea

Telegraph – British Muslims should protest teddy lunacy. By Boris Johnson Here is an innocent British citizen, a good and patently well-meaning 54-year-old British teacher. She has decided to make a new life for herself by giving instruction to children in one of the poorest countries on Earth. She has got herself into a muddle […]

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It's Good to Be a Plant

Fox News – CNN Allows Clinton Backer to Question GOP Candidates in YouTube Debate Clinton spokesman Phil Singer has denied that the campaign had any knowledge ahead of time that Kerr was going to participate in the debate, and Kerr said he did not inform the campaign of his plans. It turns out Kerr wasn’t […]

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The New Polar Bears

The Times – Flying foxes fall prey to Earth’s rising temperature Flying foxes have been dropping off trees and dying in droves because of the effects of climate change, researchers say. They mean bats. Bats, unfortunately, are unlikely to bring small school children to tears. However! They managed to ban hunting with hounds because of […]

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A Lost Golden Age

Daily Mail – The outrageously politically incorrect adverts from the time equality forgot I like the hair on the woman about to be murdered. Ahem.

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Creeping Apartheid in Britain's Mosques!

The Times – In Good Faith<br/> A welcome new Muslim code of conduct for the running of mosques Britain’s Muslims have now proposed a code of practice for the 1,500 mosques that goes a long way in addressing these concerns and laying down agreed standards that all observant Muslims have a right to expect from […]

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The Polar Bear, the Witch, and the Religious Kerfuffle

I wonder if it would work if the Vatican official came out and said it promoted Islamophobia. That would keep the audiences away. Or at least the movie away from audiences. The Times – What all directors pray for<br/> Catholics are boycotting The Golden Compass because it promotes atheism. What a wonderful gift of publicity, […]

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There's That English Subsidy Again

The Scottish Executive wanted a slogan for Scotland. He got one. It’s: Welcome to Scotland. Which he payed £100,000 for. Whereas the English needed a logo for the Olympics. They got one. It’s: Which they paid £400,000 for. So obviously, since they’re both equally retarded, the English have spent an extra £150,000 on their Olympics […]

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Environmentalist Britons With Religious Fervor Outdone By Hick Earth-Killing Americans

The Times – Chuck out these green myths<br/> Recycling isn’t anything like as eco-friendly as its propagandists would have us believe, by Ross Clark Few conscientious, middle-class folk who sort out their waste into half a dozen different containers each week realise that technology already exists to make this palaver redundant. Many American cities have […]

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Casting Calls For the TV Show?

I like how, with Angelina Jolie, the Pope is featured twice. (And not as a Sith!) Worth 1000 – Photoshop Contests – Celebrity Star Wars 3 Curtsy: Brett McS.

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Lord Palmerston, Call In Quicker

A latter-day British naval blockade: Telegraph Blogs – ‘Moderate’ Muslims speak out, by Damian Thompson A wholly innocent British teacher is facing a disgusting assault from the Sudanese authorities for naming a teddy “Mohammed”. Muslims in this country must be so ashamed that 54-year-old Gillian Gibbons could be whipped to within an inch of her […]

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