Fox News – CNN Allows Clinton Backer to Question GOP Candidates in YouTube Debate

Clinton spokesman Phil Singer has denied that the campaign had any knowledge ahead of time that Kerr was going to participate in the debate, and Kerr said he did not inform the campaign of his plans.

It turns out Kerr wasn’t the only Democratic supporter asking questions. One woman who identified herself as Journey from Texas, and who has a Web page in which she goes by the name Paperserenade asked the candidates about whether they would prosecute women and doctors if abortion were made illegal and the practice continued. After the debate, she posted a Web video wearing a John Edwards ’08 T-shirt. In the posting, she said she was disappointed by the responses she got, particularly from Fred Thompson, though it’s the answer she expected.

Another questioner, Leeann Anderson, asked about the danger of lead toys from China. Anderson, an activist on the issue, is reportedly an assistant to Leo Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers of America. The union endorsed Edwards earlier this month, and Anderson’s question is posted on the steelworkers’ YouTube page next to a picture of Edwards.

As for Kerr, he has been an activist against the military’s don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy for years. He appeared on CNN twice in 2003 discussing his opposition to the policy that says service men and women will be dismissed from service for revealing their gay orientation. But as if reading from that policy Wednesday, Kerr told FOX News that CNN “never asked” him if he is a Clinton supporter so he “never told.”

Kerr submitted the question for Republican candidates at the video debate “a couple months ago,” and said last Saturday CNN called him and said they’d like him to come to the debate. He said the cable news network paid for his flight, his hotel and his transportation to and from the event.

Nice, trip to Florida in this weather.

So, Fox News managed to get this story, so it isn’t exactly as if it’s impossible within the bounds of modern journalism (whatever those are) to find out this much background info (never mind how much relentless pursuit of the facts they probably engaged in to make sure no snowman-besuited YouTuber asking questions of the Democrats could have been in the Cheney Daily Dispatch O’ Evil). And yet, as I’m sure will be pointed out everywhere, these oh-so-relavent-to-the-campaign questions on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (a Clinton policy, btw) etc were just so good, how could they pass them up!

There’s a similar story that was playing out last week over at TMZ, after Kanye West’s mother’s death. This Jan Adams guy, who was her surgeon, has been on Oprah, E!, Discovery Health, NBC, and not a single one of them even noticed that he wasn’t a board certified plastic surgeon, much less the subject of 3 DUIs, a bunch of malpractice cases, a peppering of lawsuits for sexual assault too, I think, and so on. (There’s also a question of why Mrs West would go to someone like that. One reason is to save money, but given his exposure I doubt he’s that cheap, and I also doubt Kanye would begrudge his mother the money for a decent surgeon. So that leaves another reason, but I wouldn’t want to go into that here.)

Anyway, basically, everyone you see on TV is a dangerous fraud and the TV people putting them there are a bunch of lazy naive idiots who are going to get you killed. Or allowed to serve in the military, if you’re gay. Which of course they keep telling us is the same thing.

However, if you are the fraud, you might get a sweet trip to Florida out of it. So hey, why not!

PS: I love this, from our intrepid Cooper:

‘I had not heard that he’s actually working for a campaign. If so, that would certainly be an issue that should be addressed immediately’…

You hadn’t heard? You’re a journalist, you nitwit! Go find out!