A latter-day British naval blockade:

Telegraph Blogs – ‘Moderate’ Muslims speak out, by Damian Thompson

A wholly innocent British teacher is facing a disgusting assault from the Sudanese authorities for naming a teddy “Mohammed”. Muslims in this country must be so ashamed that 54-year-old Gillian Gibbons could be whipped to within an inch of her life in the name of Islam. Aren’t they? Over to you, Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic Studies at Glasgow University.

“This is more about the Sudanese government making an example of someone once in a while,” she says. “It’s like saying to the West: take our Sharia laws seriously.”

Did I read that right? Never mind, perhaps the Muslim Council of Britain will register outrage. Here’s their spokesman: “This appears to be a horrible misunderstanding. We hope the Sudanese authorities will move swiftly to end this unfortunate incident by releasing this woman.”

Misunderstanding? Unfortunate? The MCB, may I remind you, is the voice of “moderate” Islam in Britain. Well, they’re certainly very moderate in their defence of a middle-aged lady who faces 40 lashes for doing nothing wrong. Funny, that.

Woo-ee! Be nice to have them on your side, eh?!