In honour of the Oscars biting it because of the writer’s strike, I’ve arranged a series of Bob Hope quotes to keep you entertained while I’m in Canada for the next week or so. Those of you still slogging, or not baking cookies, feel free to discuss freely the events of the day in the comments.

Ike’s election:

After the swearing-in ceremonies, fifty thousand Republicans paraded through the streets of Washington for three hours… Nobody could remember how to get to the Capitol!

When General Ike entered the White House, he immediately sent a message back to Republican headquarters. He wired, “Mission accomplished, our forces occupying objective, Democrats routed, no apparent resistance except for light sniper fire from the Steinway piano.”

Update, real life, real time update:

Well, I live, I really do. However, the internets are extra, extra rare in Canada this time around, so I’ll be equally rare until around New Year’s. Meanwhile, talk is all about poor Benazir Bhutto’s unfortunate end and that of the Siberian tiger and her victim in San Francisco.