RC2 pits me against some other dude in a sparring match over I Am Legend. He thought it was “mediocre”. Evidently he likes his zombies able to discourse on philosophy and the nature of the soul. Anyway, they weren’t zombies. They were vampires.

Meanwhile, I just found this:

The Times – Driven by the force of Will<br/> Rejection by a girlfriend drove Will Smith to be a success. Fear of losing it all keeps him working flat out

I love Will Smith. He’s so nice. But get this little tale, leading the article:

Will Smith was 15 when his first girlfriend cheated on him. He remembers the experience well, the usual broad smile slipping from his cheerful face when he recounts the story. He was still at school and, up until that point, believed wholeheartedly that bad things happen only to bad people.

“That she cheated on me destroyed my concept of cause and effect,” he says, “my belief that good things happen to good people. I thought: ‘That ain’t true.’

“So the process I went through in my 15-year-old brain was that she cheated on me because I wasn’t good enough. I remember lying in bed and making the decision that this would be the last time in my life that I would not be good enough.”

Now that’s a nicely unusual reaction in a 15-year-old, no?