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NHS Health Tourism

The Times – Medicine without frontiers is arriving<br/> Our healthcare masters are right to be frightened of a new EU plan, by Stephen Pollard But, technicalities aside, we already know what is involved: patients from the EU will be able to choose in which country in Europe they wish to be treated and can then […]

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Happy, um, Thursday, Ma'am

Times Online – Queen becomes longest living British monarch Queen Elizabeth II became the longest living monarch in British history today. AT 1700 GMT today, the Queen, 81, surpassed the 81 years and 243 days of Queen Victoria, her great-great-grandmother, but there was no special event to commemorate the historic landmark. “There’s nothing the Queen […]

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Time to Stockpile 100w Bulbs

The Times – Kyoto? Bali? They’re miles from here<br/> In the part of Georgia where I live, there is no way Americans will be converted to the green cause, by Carol Sarler Our busy little port city of Brunswick, including its suburbs and neighbouring islands, holds about 50,000 people. Yet there are no buses; the […]

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Happy Christmas!

My parents are arriving tomorrow to whisk me off to Canada until the end of the month, and Sunday Peter is being whisked as far as Chicago by the combined efforts of public transport and United Airlines, there to be stranded by weather and airline perfidy probably at least until boxing day. But whether or […]

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Even the Fog is More Interesting in Oz

You know, they get all the most interesting animals, all the baddest creepy-crawlies, their deserts are bigger, their beaches are emptier, and their actresses better paid… Now even their visible mass of condensed water vapour are worth flying halfway across the world for. Daily Mail – The magnificence of dawn breaking: An amazing picture A […]

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Somebody Finally Pulled Their Head Out

Reuters – Jackson and studios agree to make Hobbit films All these articles are going on about how New Line and Peter Jackson have been at each other over accountancy, but no one’s mentioning that he wanted to do The Hobbit ages ago because whoever held the rights to it didn’t want to let him […]

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Reversion to Type, or: Is This a Euphamism for Restoration?

The Sunday Times – King Charles, Mr Fix-it for a broken Britain<br/> The Prince of Wales is the man to reinvent the crown by making it the champion of self-help and stepping in where the state refuses to tread, by David Starkey (his Monarchy: The Windsors, will be broadcast on December 26 on Channel 4.) […]

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Lessons For All Sorts of Industries

The Times – The silence of the self-flatterers<br/> How wonderful it would be if the Hollywood writers’s strike meant that the Oscars had to be cancelled, by Chris Ayres Unless the executives at ABC television manage to pull off a YouTube Oscars — with the skits performed by animated snowmen and toilet-flushing cats — it […]

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I Weep, Because Agatha Christie Cannot

Times Online – Paris Weblog – France says adieu to sleeping-car trains A great railway era ended when France’s legendary Train Bleu pulled into the station at the end of its final journey from Paris to the Riviera yesterday. After 135 years, the French railways have taken their last wagons-lits — sleeping-cars — out of […]

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Shopping For the Trousseau

Ah, the little rituals of a bride before her wedding… Daily Mail – Why one Muslim girl became a born-again virgin for her wedding night When Aisha Salim marries her fiance in Pakistan next March, it will be the wedding of her dreams. Wearing a veil and gown, she will be every inch the fairytale […]

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Title: "Camoflage"

Curtsy: Brett McS.

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Oh, Parky

He’s retiring, alas. So some videos, via the Daily Mail. A couple for the Yorkshiremen among us: Mohammed Ali (charming as always):<br/> Peter Sellers:<br/> I could watch old Parkinson interviews all day.

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That's a Lot to Meditate On

Strib – Katherine Kersten: Normandale’s ‘meditation room’ is home to a single faith Last week, I visited a Muslim place of worship. A schedule for Islam’s five daily prayers was posted at the entrance, near a sign requesting that shoes be removed. Inside, a barrier divided men’s and women’s prayer space, an arrow informed worshippers […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CLVII

Now, though it is perfectly legitimate to laugh our asses off at how unbelievably stupid these women are, they who are paid vast sums of money to be on television every day talking about what they know, and feeling very smart for being paid to know all of it, just pause and reflect for a […]

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And Now I'm Afraid Of the Dark

Well, no, not really. But I Am Legend is a really good movie. Never mind what the idiot reviewers thought. There’s even a subtle faith element running very thinly through it. In a way that isn’t annoying at all. But yeah, it’s really good, and I don’t usually go in for sci-fi. Or zombie flicks. […]

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