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And In News That Doesn't Make Me Grind My Teeth

The season premiere of Lost starts in five minutes in Nova Scotia.

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Blog Update: The Whole Tragic Tale

So, here’s what’s been going on: • We used to be hosted on Small Orange, which for $10 a month had unlimited domains, email addresses, FTP access, enough storage for this blog and all Peter’s stuff plus anything else that tends to end up on a server when one is conveniently laid by… They were […]

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Run, Little Man In Black

Wait for the slow-mo replay and you can see the dude react to the sound of the first missile and start running like hell before the second one. So, Navy readers, walk us through this. Is there no little alarm thingie announcing that it’s a bad idea to go for a stroll ’round the back […]

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God and Heroes on Air Canada 848 to Heathrow

Telegraph – Pilot pinned down after ‘invoking’ God on flight Horrified passengers on a Heathrow-bound flight watched as their co-pilot was manhandled from the cockpit after suffering a mental breakdown 30,000ft over the Atlantic. The aircraft was less than an hour from London when the first officer began “acting in a peculiar manner and talking […]

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Speaking For Kenya

The Times – At the Abyss<br/> The world must act now to save Kenya from disaster Kofi Annan has rarely been blunter, more heartfelt or more anguished in his appeal. Kenya, he told its leaders yesterday, was in turmoil, its people suffering, its land untilled, its tranquillity rapidly descending into chaos. The former United Nations […]

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There's Still Somebody Worth Loving

I saw this quoted last night (somewhere, don’t remember where, not going to look up the link now): Others have said they would personally be happy to pay higher taxes. I welcome their enthusiasm. I’m pleased to report that the IRS accepts both checks and money orders. (Laughter and applause.) And thought it was somebody […]

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Formidable Is As Formidable Doesn't

Telegraph – Barack Obama’s wife knows she’s formidable, by Liz Hunt I just hope she doesn’t decide she needs to act on her formidableness. I like Michelle Obama (so much, in fact, I think I’d actually rather her husband win than John McCain, but that might be the heat of the moment (Florida’s exit polls) […]

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A Tale of Two Struggling Democracies

Telegraph – Hamid Karzai gets tough with Lord Ashdown, by David Blair Of the 10 men who have served as Afghanistan’s president in the past three decades, four were murdered and one strung up from a lamppost and disembowelled. Bear this in mind when you judge President Hamid Karzai’s erratic behaviour and his abrupt withdrawal […]

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What's Good Enough For Ricky Ray…

The Times – Cheap Shot, Bill<br/> An inexcusable appeal to the baser instincts in American politics America’s racial divisons are never far from the surface in South Carolina, home to many blacks whose ancestors worked plantations as slaves. African-Americans make up 55 per cent of the Democratic electorate, and they voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. […]

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It's a Parade

Times Online – Returning UK troops honoured in homecoming parade More than 300 troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan marched through the streets of Winchester to the sound of drums, cheers and heartfelt applause today in an emotional homecoming parade, one of the first such events since the start of the 2003 war. Thousands of […]

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Nancy Pelosi's Blinking Again

And what on earth is she wearing? Hellooo, 1995.

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Intriguing Hobbit Update

ABC (Oz) – Del Toro in talks to direct The Hobbit Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro is in talks to direct two films based on JRR Tolkien’s fantasy novel The Hobbit, entertainment press reports. Del Toro – best known for his Oscar-winning 2006 drama Pan’s Labyrinth – is on a short-list of film-makers deemed capable […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CLX

You’d think it would be the surfing duck, and not this, but this made me laugh more. In the Telegraph Blogs, which are just the best place for campaign news: Never work with children, animals or people who rent their homes. Mitt Romney yesterday visited a good hard-working family in Land O’Lakes, Florida to talk […]

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And Now For a Duck On a Surfboard

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Waiting for Lots of Comments and Weighings-In

Two Mark Steyns in The Corner the other day: 1/26 10:03 AM Gaza, land of the midday moon And more fun with Big Media propagandists: During a soi-disant Israeli “power cut”, Palestinians are forced to hold a parliamentary session by candlelight. Alas, even with the curtains drawn, the blazing sunlight keeps peeping through. These photographs […]

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